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Shimadzu GC-MS

Hi everyone I need to user manual of Shimadzu GC-MS (GC: 17A , MS: QP 5000) and have a question: my instrument has no mass library, what version of NIST library should be installed? Thanks.

Looking for user manual

I have a Photovac 10s50 gas chromatograph by PerkinElmer. Does anyone know where I can find a user manual or service manual for this? It is an older unit but still quite serviceable.  

PE-Photovac 2020 Photoionization Air Monitior

It won't shut off. Can you tell me where I can get it serviced?

TGA - 1% mass loss during first minute at room temp

Hi, I am having some problems with my TGA. It seems that sometimes there is a 1% mass loss during the first minute of the analysis, where the temperature stays stable at 25°C. I have tried running a new blank, and it stays flat in...


how can i do hba1 c by microlab300 show me the method  


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