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Oin in water content

Dear gents, We have here in our Lab a Spectrophtometer HACH DR 2010 to measure oil in water contain,in our write procedure is to set the programme to 950 then dial nm 430.Is this the right procedure to get measure oil in water content...

the tungsten lamp not turn on

the equipment tur on and the display is ok and countin the warm up lamp time but the lamp is off all time

Purchasing it

Could you show me some listings of the same instruments?

Titrino 848 plus Printer Error code 016-908

Its shows the error printer is not connected, where is i m not using any pritner with it, how can i get ride of this error, i hae connected PC there is no printer with it.

The variation Transmittance

Dear friendsI have a spectrophotometer model 6320D serial number 3044 and my problem is than when i used the multiband calibration filter (holmium) the value in the nm is so different with graphic of the filter Holmium


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The last two decades have seen important advances in our knowledge on protein folding and the stability of globular proteins, as a result of extensive studies using various biophysical approaches and theories. Calorimetry, particularly differential...

Particle size analysis is important in many industries. Knowledge of particle size is important in the food industry because it affects the production and handling of ingredients and the formulation, processing, and quality control of food and...