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Flashing power lights

The blue power lights (Situated in the handle)are flashing when the scope is turned on. When switched to auto there is a clicking noise in sync with the flashing. The scope light isn't coming on. I have tried a different power supply, and...

Abbott Diagnostics help

My cell dyn 1800 hematology analyzer displays empty diluent at start, then the fault indication LED light up. Although, there is free flow of diluent through the systrm, but the error signal keep displaying on the screen and i needyour help to...

hello everyone!!

hi, my name is perhat. i am from Turkmenistan. I am working tehnology center. our center has Cary 630 ftir device. i need your help. i dont know  how i work it. can we chat video call please. my adress: perhat.soltanmyradow.92@mail...

Tip speed for MT3000

what is tip speed for MT 3000 model

ERR 301 - rem conversion, no counts. what does it mean,

please Help me

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ProImmune, a leader in services for understanding immune responses, today announced the introduction of MutaMap™, a new high-throughput assay service for understanding the impact of point mutations on protein therapeutic activity, including...

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