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Date of manufacturation

Please, I need to know when (date)did my GC agilent chromatography was manufacturated, SN: US00025726. It's a HP6890.Many thanks.Taoufik


When I operated TC-3000 last time, it displays the following message "BLOCK NV INVALID". What is the possible cause and remedy for this problem, please?

Sample Recovery IEC Model GP8R

The centrifuge is not responding and the latch won't open. I checked the manual. It says in part 3.7 Fail safe systems that in case of power failure the lid can be opened with a tool for sample recovery. I could not find any more info on how to...

initialization error

I have a Unicam 8700 spectrophotometer. During initialization, error-40 and also error-41 appear. There is not any section devoted to error troubleshooting in the device manual and I don't know what these errors mean. Could anybody having...

need to remove cover

I need to get the cover off my Eppendorf 5415d microcentrifuge to access the circuit board. The four screws on the sides to not release it. Three screws on the bottom don't seem to do anything either. Can you help? Thanks


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