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error 265

I have a problem with KF titrator. I can not fill beaker with Solvent manager. Display error 265. How can solve problem? Draining is OK, but fill with methanol not.

Hettich Mikro 200 - Scratching noise

When operating the centrifuge we hear a light scratching sound coming from the motor. The centrifuge operates normal. We can also hear this sound when turning the rotor with our hands. It is like something slightly scratching the insides of the...

Beckman Coulter J6-MC Deceleration not functioning

We have Beckman Coulter J6-MC.  About four months ago, the speed indicator stopped showing the speed of the rotor in RPM´s. Instead the "frequency" of the revolutions of the  rotor appears in the display. (We discovered this after...

How to split peaks on chemstation

i have two overlapping peaks on a sample im running and i dont see a tool that allows me to split them. Any help greatly appreciated!

Beckman Optima TLX Oil Change

We have an optima TLX ultra in our lab that is begining to take longer to reach full vacuum and smells like it is burning oil. I beleive the instrument is from 2000 and  I doubt that it has ever been serviced (I am fairly new to the lab). We do...

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For Malvern Instruments Marketing Manager Mrs Renate Hessemann, this year’s Powtech exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany, was her last as a member of the Powtech advisory committee on which she has served for almost 20 years. In recognition of...

Novel toolset substantially decreases time needed to create permanent CRISPR-Cas9-induced genetic changes in cells   The Dharmacon™ Edit-R™ Gene Engineering System is a novel platform for research which creates permanent and...

Microbiology specialists Lab M will showcase this year’s latest product introductions at Medica 2014 (Düsseldorf, Germany, 12-15 November) with a focus on supporting laboratories in their efforts to maximise process efficiency and...

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