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Overtemp Light on constantly

Our J2-21 has the "Overtemp" light on as soon as you turn it on and it does not  go out even if you adjust the set and over temp dials correctly according to the manual. It also does not spin up. The START button goes green but as...

Totalchrom error

Hi, We have recently installed Totalchrom on one of our client machines but when we try to login, the following errors block us: "Error attaching the Acquire Client COM server!  The application cannot be started" "...

looking for UVWinlab software for Lambda900

The system i have  is an UV Visible IR spectrometer, i am looking for a compatible UVWinlab software, to run a Perkin Elmer Lambda900 system, where can I get it.

Lid latch malfunction

Hello all, Recenlty, the latches for the lid have been malfunctioning. Once a spin is done and the lid pops up the latches keep releasing and trying to catch the lid again every few seconds. I'm thinking it's a sensor issue but wondering...

Optima XP

when I turn on this centrifuge it shows a blank display (raster). It has been very intermittent, lately it finally gave me a solid problem. When i turn it on the fan is heard and the door soloniod is activated. I have checked the power supplies and...

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Today Peak Scientific, a global leader in gas generators for laboratories celebrates 20 years in business. Since starting out in 1997 with just a small group of employees in Linwood, Scotland, the company has since established itself as an industry...

Designed with special features for the storage of fresh frozen tissue samples, Micronic releases the innovative and secure 1.00ml and 3.50ml tubes with external thread. With these uniform tissue storage products, Micronic enables biobanks to...

Beautiful! The Caframo Crossover 1540 overhead mixer is in stock! Designed in response to requests from end users and industry experts, this electronic sophisticated high torque mixer is truly unique to the marketplace. With a ½ horsepower...