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ballast temp

Ballast temp failer for diagnostic,, how do I fix

Data on tower not transferred to DataPro 2 software

A run was put on our M9 TOC analyser the other night. When the analyst went to review the results in the Result Filename there were no results present, yet they were present on the tower. Sample run was initiated from the software Protocol...


How to maximize immobilization of lipid vesicles on sensor chip in Biacore (Surface Plasmon Resonance) ?

I am trying to study membrane protein interaction with its ligand in native cell membrane environment. For this, I am using lipoparticles generated from a stable cell line to couple with SPR (BiacoreT200). I am trying to optimize buffer...

Ultra low -80 chest freezer seal

*Not sure of exact model* I wanted to replace the seal around the lid on the freezer. It is in really bad shape and I think is part of the reason we are getting a lot of ice build-up on our freezers. Does anyone know where to find seals? Would...


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Bruker’s recently introduced preclinical in vivo imaging system –In -Vivo Xtreme II™ – is accelerating the preclinical research into infectious diseases being undertaken at the Institute of Microbiology at the University of...

CRAIC Technologies, the leading innovator of UV-visible-NIR microscopy solutions for science, announced that it is now offering it's rIQ™ system running on Windows 10®.  Scientists use rIQ™ to intelligently measure the...

MTI-GlobalStem, a provider of optimized transfection reagents and protocols for human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and other cells that are difficult to transfect, announces its launch of the PluriQ™ G9™ Gene Editing System and...