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AMINCO Bowman Serries II Spectrofluorometer - Where to find service manual

I recently purchased a used AB2 Spectrofluorometer which works but isn't as sensitive as it should be.  I'm guessing there may be some alignment of the optices needed and would like to find a service manual that might explain some of...


This titrator has an extended use, but now itsnt working how it should be, and it doesnt recongnize the calibration mode. We used to inject 25 ul of H2O in 3 series,and they must be in similar %ppm. Now it can not take this similar ppm and shows...


Eppendorf 5417 C Centrifuge has gotten very loud. The instrument does get cleaned. This sounds like the bearings going bad. Do you have to replace the entire motor? Can a person get instructions for this?

Unit will no longer power ON

We've had the 5415R for many years. It seems that no one in the lab ever turned it off (it has always been ON). Well, I turned it off and unplugged it the other day in order to clean the rotor. Now it will not turn back on. I've tried...


need a manual

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N-Zyme Scientifics has appointed Bulldog Bio as their exclusive distributor for a new class of PNGase enzyme.  Coined PNGase F Prime, this recombinant endoglycosidase shows a remarkable ability to cleave an exceedingly broad range of N-linked...

Malvern Instruments will contribute a scientific poster at the 2014 Protein-Protein Interaction Conference, October 23-24, Boston, MA, USA. The poster describes new work on rheological approaches to protein stability studies during biologics...

Tecan has launched the Freedom EVO® NGS workstation to simplify next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation and PCR set-up. Offering user-friendly, walkaway automation of library preparation at the touch of a button, it eliminates the...

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