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Urinary bicarbonate testing

Is it possible to test urinary bicarbonate ?

Buy a column form USA

  Where can I find a compagny from UsA to buy this column? ZT-14 SZ / SHINCARBON ST 50/80 Stainless steel /  8.0 m (2.0 m x 4) x 3.0 mm. Thank you

CS 230

Hello I've been looking online for a parts list for the CS 230 but can not find one, so I hope to get an answer here. I need to replace the squirrel cage fan and motor on our machine, can anyone out there tell me the part number and or have an...

too low temperature

Hi, During CHNS analysis the equipment (vario MACRO Cube/Elementar) turned down to low temperatures, lower than programed to analysis and even to sleeping time. After setting the parameters to get the temperature higher the following message is...

oven shut down

hi, i have a problem with the gc heated. i had change of method and then the oven shut down and all the heated zones shut down, it doesnt heat the inlet and FID. all the heated zones are cool. when i turn on the gc it seems like it start but...


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Peak Scientific, a global leader in gas generation for the laboratory sector, has launched a new initiative to update its national register of what is a considerable install base of gas generators across North America. The UK based manufacturer, now...

RELAUNCH OF THE FRITSCH HOMEPAGE International. User-friendly. Informative. A few days ago, the redesigned FRITSCH website went online featuring several languages. Test now: In addition to numerous languages...

Genevac announces a major new online video resource for any lab tasked with removing solvent from its samples. The new Tips and Tricks series of short videos (, presented by Genevac applications...