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Avanti J-25I F5 FRS error after rotor change

We used the JA-30.50 rotor before and there were no problems at all. This Tuesday we changed the rotor JA-10 and it runned fine. After we changed the rotor back to JA-30.50, the instrument gave an error meassage F5 FRS error and stop working. Any...

5415D Error 3

After repairing a 5415D (blank screen, any reading) by mean of changing three 22, 33, 220 microfarad  electrolitic capacitors, screen is set and I cand change parameters, but now I found Error 3. You press to start, lid  locks...

Unit getting hot when in use

Our benchtop centrifuge is getting hot when used for over a minute. Looking down from the top it appears to be off-center, although I don't hear anything abnormal. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this? Thanks.  

Debbie O'Neill Lab Tech.

We have a very old Packard Cobra II Gamma counter. It shut down in the middle of counting, with sample up in the chamber. Managed to get sample down, however the machine will not restart the screen display will not come up. Is there a...

Det EFC Ch2 over max flow

Instrument is not ready-all front lamps at display are on, and at instrument status is message with fault front detector max flow exceeded.

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Malvern Panalytical announced that it entered into a co-marketing agreement with Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) to advance the analysis of polymers. By pairing the Waters® ACQUITY® Advanced Polymer Chromatography® ...