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light is dim

We have been using mercury 100 watt lamps for analyzing our FISH probes and now have new scopes from Zeiss with your PhotoFluor LM-75 metal-halide lamp. We still have one old system. When we compare the same slide/probe from one to the other, the...


what is the type of motor that is used for 25kg robot??? what is the speed and torque of that motor???

Description of differences between PA800 and PA800 Plus

What are the differences between these two generations of the Beckman CE instrument?

Malvern 2000

What means D4/3 parameter at measurement? What measure when I get this D4/3? Where I can read about it? Best regards Edi

Hemavet 950FS

I am looking for a used hemavet950FS. Any chance you might have one? Tony Battelli Magee Womens Research Institute & Foundation Pittsburgh, Pa.  

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Sign up for our short courses at Pittcon 2015 If you are attending Pittcon next year, don't miss out on attending Malvern's short...

Pack of 10 with 20 stoppers.  This item is referred to in the software as DTS1061. NOTE: THERE ARE LIMITED NUMBERS OF THIS PRODUCT AVAILABLE (APPROXIMATELY 900 BOXES) AS OF 1st SEPT 2014 Once this number has depleted all current...

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has released a new application note that presents Headspace-GC/MS as a potential alternative to the current official method of analyzing residual solvents in pharmaceuticals using Headspace-GC-FID. The note, titled...

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