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Centrifuge Error Code

I have a sigma 2-16 centrifuge which is showing the errpr "2-16". I can't find this error code in any manual. What does it mean/ what is the fault?

Motor not working

Dear all,i have one viscometer Model: RVDV II+ . I am facing problem when i start the viscometer motor dont move even then when i set the speed 100rpm motor movment very slow. Best RegardsM.Mansoorservice Engineer

print HPLC sequence

using software "Paint" to print HPLC run sequence in a GMP QC lab to confirm sequence is correct and to keep for paper record (signed and dated,anyone having problem with auditors for this practice? What solution?

having problems with vibrator #1

vibrator not running at set speed, install new vibrator nothing change also try new generation motherboard but there no conmunication with controll, does any body knows what could be happening?

Screen is black-How can I reset?

I was running a normal program but when I checked on the cycler the screen was all white. I turned it off, let everything cool and turned it back on and now the screen turns white and then black. Is there a way to manually reset?

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