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Loses Memory when turn it off

Has anyone run into this problem? The machine has lost all our programs and when I add a new one it is also lost when the machine is shut off. Also the screen is only visible from an angle (approx 45 degree) above the machine. Any help would be much...

cpu error

We have an optima TLX ultra in our lab and experiencing issue ralating to the CPU error.Is tis a repairable? I tried to cleared it by turning instrument power off and back on.problem still axists.

Identification and quantification in SIM mode

I am using Agilent system for monitring of a novel compound in environmental samples. My compound give exclusively the parent ion and the daughter ions are in trace amounts. Can I use this single ion for identification as well as quantifaction?

PbSmart NIR detector Cary 5000: Ragarding

I want to clarify that, 1. How Pbsmart NIR detector in cary 5000 is superior than the PBS detector in LAMBDA 1050 (PerkinElmer) 2. How PbSmart NIR detector shall better substitute the InGaAs detector for NIR range. 3. Why InGaAs detector...

Run ECD and FID on same sample

Does anyone know how to run a GC system using the ECD and FID on the same sample, i.e. analyze a sample for diacetyl and acetaldehyde on the same vial during a run.


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COLUMBIA, Md. (February 4, 2016) — Shimadzu Scientific Instruments will showcase several new products, including its latest GC-MS and triple quad LC-MS, host live demos and poster sessions, and present on the analysis of mycotoxins and medical...

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Ultra-precise microstepping motor drive for high resolution placement with a hand controller for manual control...