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J6-MC not setting speed

Hello all, We have a J6-MC which has  a problem. When we set speed the speed value will blink but nothing more. We can set time. It will not spin at any speed because of this. It seems to not want to "accept" our specified speed...

ABI 7900 error 3026 Door Interlock

I have a ABI 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR system. When I run a background calibration, and get an error 3026 - Unable to load the plate due to instrument error 3026: Cover is disabled by door interlock . Any solution ?   Thanks...

sensor issue of innner door

the instrument does not completely power up and we are getting an error message: 3026:cover disabled by door interlock

Gen 5 software issue

We're trying to run an experiment with Gen 5 2.09. The protocol is set up and ready, but when the run button is clicked, the software prompts to open a text file and the experiment can't be run. What's going on?

Error message - Beam power is 2.3% of normal. Reticle may be blocking beam. Laser current is 43.5 mA - Beckman coulter LS 13 320

An error message has been poped up after the completion of background measurement. Error message: Beam power is 2.3% of normal. Reticle may be blocking beam. Laser current is 43.5 mA Can anyone help me to sort out this...


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All courses are taught by an ASM Certified Instructor at the SMS Labs facility. Current Courses Being Offered: Seats are limited, be sure to reserve your spot today. Updates on remaining classes to be emailed as dates are finalized...

BrandTech is introducing a line of BLAUBRAND ® class A, USP certified volumetric glassware from BRAND GMBH + CO KG. The line includes clear and amber volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, bulb pipettes, and volumetric pipettes. USP Volumetric...

Innova Biosciences (Innova), a specialist provider of bioconjugation products and services, today announced the launch of a carboxylated derivative of its unique InnovaCoat® GOLD 40 nm nanoparticles. The new product enables customers to quickly...