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Im having issues with my IC, its giving the error code, Pumo over pressure error with an error code EGC1-invalid flow rate. Does anyone have ideas for me to able to trouble shoot the instrument? Any help would be appreciated.

poct for lactate dehydrogenase testing

I am looking for the POCT equipment to perform lactate dehrogenase testing. Can you help me?

CO2 Sensor

Is there a simple field test to determine if the CO2 Sensor is bad. I have a Model 3120 that has a CO2 Error, but I want to rule out the sensor due to the cost. I am hoping it is the solenoid on the CO2 line. Thanks!

Hardware installation

Can anyone help me with installation of hardware?I want to hook up a scale to our bioflo, but the system wont pick up the hardware with the scan function. I was able to install a driver for the scale, but still nothing shows up upon scan.

Install Hardware.

On our BioFlo 310(10L) vessel, we want to set up scales to measure output, but the bioflo 310 wont pick up the hardware.anyone here familiar with BioFlo 310?

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