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2000 xg centrifuge;

looking for an ambient centrifuge that will hit 2000 xg. Ideally one with variable speeds to hit different g forces. Used for research for PK and PD data.. New or refurbished. We are in Atlanta, Ga. Need one quickly. 


are there any other suppliers in the uk apart from Deva who can supply replacement pockets for a thermogenesis plasma thewer

Centrifuge Eppendorf 5417R

Hello I have a centrifuge model 5417R and i can not use it because It has a error 20. Some advices? Thank you for your cooperation  

Power off

I stupidly turned off the power on our LSC 6500 (very old model) and the display is now scrolling gibberish, mostly "ececececec...", and not responding to the keyboard. Does anyone have a solution to this? The display is a WYSE model WY160...

viberating and eating are melting tubes.

I have a Cole 77200-60 easy load pump that O us for wastewater dewatering emulsion polymer, naptha base. I recentlychanged the tubing with HV-06509-24, Masterflex Tygon E-Lab (E-3603) Pump tubing, L/S 24, 50ft and HV-06509-15, Masterflex Tygon E-Lab...

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Applied BioPhysics introduces ECIS® pFlow solution for barrier function studies of endothelial cells under flow conditions. The specially designed peristaltic pump with flow chambers attaches to ECIS® flow arrays allowing researchers to...

Building on the success and principles of SMART Automation, Sakura Finetek proudly introduces the next step in Total Laboratory Automation: Tissue-Tek® AutoSection® Automated Microtome, advancing histopathology laboratories and improving...

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces its Open Solution QuantAnalytics(TM) software package, an LC/MS/MS data tool for the pain management and clinical markets. The software increases the speed and efficiency of data processing and review by...

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