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Manual for CP 9001

Hi does anybody maybe have the manual for Chrompack 9001? Unfortunately my unit came without it.   Best regards, Bernd

Does anyone knows the catalogue number for the liner???

Liner broken

Lamp blinking

what can I do if the UV lamp blinks all the time  

Power consuption

What is the power consumption of Mettler Toledo G20S.

Cell-Dyn 1800 Diluent substitution

I need to know what is the difference between the Diluent for my old 1800 Cell-Dyn and a new Emerald machine. Can I use the Diluent for the Emerald in the 1800?


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Novel single-tube enzymatic fragmentation technology simplifies library preparation, minimizing sample loss   New England Biolabs (NEB®) today announced the release of the NEBNext Ultra II FS DNA Library Prep Kit for next generation...

A new imaging mode for the ZEISS LSM 8 family with Airyscan has been introduced. Their unique 32-channel GaAsP array detector captures more spatial information than traditional confocal microscopes. The new 2D Superresolution mode now uses...

In collaboration with the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR) at the University of California San Diego, ZEISS releases a new Focal Charge Compensation module for block face imaging with ZEISS GeminiSEM and 3View® from...