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backup battery

I am in need of a backup battery for my unit.Does anyone know where I can find one  

Cytoperm 2 incubator

Service manual required if possible

no string and auto mode failed

What do I do if message comes out that "no string" and "auto mode failed"? It looks like the communication between PC and GC has failed.

3528-5 orbital shaker

Hello All,I need a service manual for a Lab-Line 3528-5 orbital shaker. I need a parts list and exploded drawing for this device. Thanks,John G.

Beckman j2-21

My Beckman has a problem :  it cannot stop when the timer went to "0". It tried to stop, then Start , Stop, start a few time then it continued to resume its speed to whatever I set before. I can put the stop button to stop it , the...

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