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Error 04 correction on PLX160 X-ray

Can some one help me . Error 04 has stop the machine to function. we do not have the technical maual to check and correct this fault name of the machine: PLX160 High Frequency x-ray from Perlong Medical Nanjing Perlove Radial Video Equipment Co...

Speed for NuovaII

Hi,   I have a NuovaII (nonheated stirrer) from your company. On your site, it is stated that the stirrer has a speed from 100-1000rpm with 10 settings. Just wondering, if the scale on marked position is linearly distributed? Does it...

ultracentrifuge L8-70M no display only . . . . showing on panel

capacitors on board #3 looks fine.  need help to fix this problem please cause the board is obsolete. thanks

Interest in Software

Iam interested into download the NuSpec software for manipulation of the Raman espectrum adquired by Deltanu advantage 785 equipment. Please any help related to this will be welcome

DIAG 66 drive malfunction

I'm getting DIAG 66 errors on an L-100XP, first after about 30min into the run (two days ago), then around 13 min in on consecutive runs yesterday. I don't have the L-panel to access service modes. Is there anything I can...

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KNF Neuberger, Inc. announces the launch of its enhanced SIMDOS® 10 line of diaphragm liquid metering pumps. Available with four head material options, the line affords laboratory personnel with simple operation, thanks to a user-friendly...

Berthold Technologies proudly announces the recently established co-operation with their new partner Biametrics GmbH. A spin-off of Tübingen University, Biametrics develops novel solutions for label-free analysis of bio-interactions. The...

The BioFlo 320 is truly a step into the future for Eppendorf as a bioprocess equipment manufacturer. New features including autoclavable and single-use vessel flexibility, intelligent sensors, and IP network communication for multi-unit control set...

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