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Beckman Coulter Allegra X30

what is error 28?

MaxQ 4000 shaker incubator dead

I have a Thermo MaxQ 4000 shaker incubator SHKE4000-1CE (push button three screen type) that is completely dead; no lights, noises, movement, etc. I have tested the mains past the 5 amp trips on the side and that is OK. The wiring then gets...

Power Supply

What is the power supply for a DeltaNu Rockhound Inspector Raman instrument, in terms of voltage and current?


Buenas tardes,una centrífuga Sorvall ModeloRC12BP ¿que compresor requiere?

New installation

Hoping for your good health. I am installing the avanti HC S/N: JPG19B01 Single phase this is New instrument I am following the service manual Section 2.2.1 manual is saying to change the orang and black to move. My instrument is signal...


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