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buret tip/sensor 010-125 and 010-119 error

I refilled the titrino with NaOH and not I keep getting an error that the buret sensor can not be read. I have tried re-attaching the top unit and that has not solved it. please help!

TGA not coming to start temperature

My Q500 seems to be unable to get to 20°C, even though the specs say it can get down to 5°C. I ran one test successfully, but on the second run, the instrument got hung up at 21.5°C and was stuck there overnight. Any suggestions?

trap error 509 and trap error 501

Hello colleagues. We have a 719 S Titrino by Metrohm. We get a "trap error 509" and sometimes "trap error 501" messages on the screen, and all the buttons can not work. Can some help how to fix this problem.

Software for Rigaku Primini WD XRF spectrometer

Hi. We are looking for software for Rigaku Primini. I think it is Rigaku ZSX software.  Thanks for helping. Regards.

DIP Switch config

Does anyone know what the DIP Switch config is for normal operation? I have two units that are non functioning. When opening them up I noticed the switches were different between the two. Is there a "normal" operational config or do they differ...

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