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need an operators manual

I need an operators manual for my cetus. If anyone has a copy please if you can send me a link.

Need spare pare

Dear, I need the following spare part: - Pneumatique Unit. It's for the sysmex hematology analyser model KX 21N -Flow cell for the equipement model MONZA manufactuy by randox  ...


I have an older model 6 ft.Labconco Purifier laminar flow hood. How do I go about validating the hood to ensure that I am not introducing contaminants into the workspace through the HEPA filter?

What is the Weight of Korsch XL 800 87 Stations

Hi,I need to know the weight of a Korsch XL 800 87 stations.Thanks!!!

Perforated Object Holders (Chucks)

HELP! Sakura no longer makes the chucks we use! We are looking to purchase Sakura Tissue-Tek II perforated object holders! If anyone has any leads, please let me know.  You may email me directly at

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Sir Richard Roberts, Chief Scientific Officer at NEB, commented on the announcement, “NEB has a 40-year history innovating in the field of molecular biology enzymes and related technologies. WarmStart RTx is an in silico-engineered...

With great sadness, HORIBA, Ltd. announces the death of the company founder and Supreme Counsel, Dr. Masao Horiba, who passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 14, 2015. He was 90 years old.  A private funeral service has already held by his...

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