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backup battery

I am in need of a backup battery for my unit.Does anyone know where I can find one  

English Manual

Hello, I am searching for an English manual of CP 9001.And could you please advise me about the reasons behind not splitting the gases, other than column malfunctioning. Thank you


Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC4 is appear error: E27.please help me

Microfuge 22R Motor replacement

Does anyone have a supplier for a drive motor for the Beckman Microfuge 22R?   Went through OZARK Biomedical. THey were able to help me out.

Cytoperm 2 incubator

Service manual required if possible

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Lonza has today released CytoSMART™ System, an easy-to-use and affordable live cell imaging system that enables researchers to take time-lapse videos and images of their cell culture without needing to manually inspect their cells. The images...

 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb) today announced the launch of two PrimePCR™ Assay Kits for Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™)(ddPCR™). This release expands Bio-Rad’s offering of predesigned, fully wet-lab...

Do you require a timer with a Certificate of Calibration? Now, every H-B® Durac®Electronic Timer from Bel-Art Products will include a Certificate of Calibration, and it will not cost you extra! This certificate...

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