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100 FTIR Spectrometer

We are cosmetic manufacturer and use FTIR for check raw materials. Need help to identify which model is suitable for our application and get price quote.

trap error 502

I was trying to do calibration for the PH, and before it is complete I got this message ( tarp error 502) and it stop me from entering the system, How I can solve it

filling the water jacket

what is the capasity of the water jacket--I have put in 3+ gallons of water. Is this normal? How much more does it take?

702 SM Titrino " System Error 3"

I have Metrohm 702 SM Titrino Metter, it goes on error system error 3, As per my knowledge this error just appear due to faulty internal battery & it can simply resolve to adjustment of input port, any body can help, how do it or any other hint to...


I don't get access configurantion menu; After pressing "Shift+Config/METH" appears operating message "****************". In fact, it seems impossible access any "blue" options, after pressing "Shift"...


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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of the AIM-9000 infrared microscope. With automated analysis functions and an enhanced wide field camera option, the microscope enables analysts of all experience levels to observe, measure...

Applying complementary particle techniques for assessing comparability and biosimilarity of therapeutic products Measurement type: Particle size, Particle concentration, Particle shape, Protein aggregation, Chemical...

CEM Corporation, the leading supplier of microwave acid digestion systems is pleased to introduce iWaveTM, the latest breakthrough in sample preparation. iWave is a novel contactless in-situ temperature technology that will forever change the way...