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HI, Arium comfort used for one year.There is no TOC display and asking for calibrstion .How do it  

How to set temperature

How do you set the temperature? Only 3 buttons: Set, +,-. Very confusing. Is there a manual? If so, where to find? Thanks - Rob

Intelliflash 280

Hi, Does anyone know whether the Analogix Intelliflash 280 System needs an RFID on the collection racks in order to be able to function. I may be able to get a couple of these with no racks, but if they won't work without the RFID then...


Touch screen problem

Older thermo jet with a Eztouch screen that seems to be out display  trouble  the system battery went dead and I lost the program that was in it and need reprogramming ....may you can help me out thanks call or text to the phone number below or...


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from BrandTech ® Scientific   NEW! The BRAND ® HandyStep ® touch S repeating pipette has advanced pipetting features for versatility. In addition to standard pipetting, dispensing, auto dispensing and a proprietary...

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