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Chemstation control panel

I can not find all the options anymore under the control panel pull down menus. For instance, I was able to print batch under the batch menu, or create, or edit batch. It is no longer there. I have to use the icons, but there is not print option...

Aquamate Plus Tungston Halide Lamp

Kindly send me the specications of the above lamp and the source of procurement and price in north America

Yet another mouse issue

We recently acquired a used DU-640, and I've been tasked with getting it functional.  It boots up and passes all its initial diagnostics, and at that point, the mouse pointer is in the top left corner of the screen.  I'm able to...

Cary 50 computer card

I have a Cary 50 that is about 10 years old and running great. The problem is the computer that we use to run it is dying. I cannot find a new computer that will accept the card to run it. I also would need to reinstall the software on the new...

T50 Error 271

Hey all, I am having a problem with our autotitrator. It giving me this error for piston drive being blocked. It asks me to check hoses and buretter tips for blockages and there is no issue that i can find. I also can't find a troubleshooting...

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