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Liner metal cap stuck, cannot change liner

Hi, I have recently encountered some problems with the "Inlet flow pressure shutdown" error message. I wanted to check the liner and the O-ring, and then I discovered the top metallic piece covering it (the one including the septa...

Error 97

Hi Our centrifuge is showing Error 97 but operationally it seems to be ok, inspecting the manual there is no error 97 mentioned, I think it went up to error 94. Has anyone seen or know of this error message and to what fault it indicates?Could it be...

the grating micro is out realignment

the grating micro is out realignment

the grating micro is out realignment

realignment of the wheels/disk/big round jobbies an the bottom/underside of the scanner unit I come very close to realignment but close enough for it to work is there any markings or any other thing that I can do to make these! wheels...

SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM of the Reel Calibration

SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM of the Reel Calibration on Beckman Coulter DU 640


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