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Shimadzu UV-vis Spectrophotometer (Model 2450)

I am using Shimadzu UV-vis Spectrophotometer (Model 2450) for analysis. Now when it starts, it is showing FAILED on WI lamp options, due to which readings greater than 400 nm are not coming good. Has WI lamp stopped working ? If yes, then what...

Extra pumps

Hi everyone, Do you know if it is possible to control extra non-Vapourtec pumps using the Flow Commander software? or one HAS to buy pumps from Vapourtec only?

Varian AA 800

Where can I find an igniter for this equipment. I need the P/N too.

the function of the Absolute Quantification

what is the function of the Absolute Quantification

Suspension measurement

I need to measure a suspension which particles under 10 um. I use wet dispersion unit (Hydro 2000 S). In another laboratory measure the same suspension. Is it possible we can not measure the same because of optical bench? They use as well the same...

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“As a scientific instrument manufacturer, our goal is to not just produce and supply quality analytical instruments which return tangible value to our clients.  We seek to be a strategic business resource with whom our clients consult to...

Ion Mobility Spectrometry and REIMS Direct-from-sample Ionization Deliver Greater Clarity, Confidence and Speed to Routine LC-MS and MS Analyses...

Read your ELISA plates from anywhere...