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I'm looking for method SOPs. Hexacrome, cyanide, hardness etc.

dark feild

can I used this microscope as dark feild and how

J2-21 high voltage board problem

Greetings, we have a customer with a J2-21 with the high voltage board with the blue cap on it that blew up on immediately after flipping the power switch. The contactor for the compressor was replaced before this happened as the old one was in bad...


I have an Optima TLX with a display that isn't functioning. The LED for the +12V on the power board isn't lit and the test point reads about 0.5 volts, and the +15V test point LED is lit but it is reading 41V. The other test points are...

J2-MI lid release

Hi Don, I’ve got a J2-MI that won’t release the lid, except manually through the emergency access hole. The solenoid that releases the latch handle doesn’t operate, though it does move freely by hand. I also noticed the motor...

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The new CVC3000 detect combines the market leading CVC3000 vacuum controller, as found on VACUUBRAND’s PC3001 VARIOPRO, and a solenoid valve, to provide advanced two-point control for any stand-alone diaphragm vacuum pump from VACUUBRAND®...

PathScope 2 advances the Pathologist’s workflow with a practical solution that is both affordable and efficient. It supports routine slide examination, frozen section and needle biopsy consults right from the pathologist’s desk with a...

Benchmark Scientific is pleased to introduce the BeadBlaster 24 Microtube Homogenizer to its line. The BeadBlaster 24 can grind, lyse or homogenize up to 24 samples simultaneously. Tubes in the stainless steel tube carrier are subjected to an...

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