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Spring lifter replacement eppendorf centrifuge 5430 R

Good Morning . Any video/instructions on how to change a piston from a eppendorf centifuge 5430 R. Can I do it? or I neeed an eppendorf Technician?  

E8150 Is leaking already?

My E8150 is very functional due to good rpm control, but is leaking out already after a few months of normal use. No directions anywhere on how to fix and no support....what good is a product if expected to use and throw in garbage after a few...

Problems dispensing last 100 ul in 1 ml serological pipet

Hi, I recently purchased several S1 Pipet Fillers for the lab. The techs are having issues with dispensing the final 100 ul out of a 1 ml serological pipet. They are dispensing media onto agar plates, 100 ul at a time. The final 100 ul doesn'...

Parts and repair

We are having a problem locating a part that we need for the Tekmar Phoenix 8000 - the syringe valve motor assembly.  Does anyone have one or know where we might get one?   Thanks

alarm when cycle is finished

Steris Reliance 400 Is there a way to disarm the alarm for when the cycle is completed? When the cycle is complete an alarm sounds which requires a "reply to alarm' to shut off.

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