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We are using UV probe software for UV-2550. Can it perform calculation for multicomponent as in USP monograph for Lamivudine and Zidovudine tablets dissolution test? If yes, send us the procedure.


Where can I get a manual?

Perkin Elmore Series 1600 FTIR

I am in search of a User Manual for this machine. Or how to unlock the Setup. After a recent power outage i cannot access the Setup, which means i cannot adjust the laser to perform a scan.

Quote item DTS1235

We are inserted in buying QTY 2 of this item : DTS1235 Please advise the price and lead-time.

LECO RC612 measures too much Carbon?

Hello, the LECO machine from our lab measures standards above the standard %-value. I'm not acquainted to calibration procedures but I don't know whom to ask , the people are always busy, so I try it here.  We have C standards...


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