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Chamber Temp Warm

I've been involved in troubleshooting a CM1950 where the chamber temperature will warm up to about +9C (set for -18C). The compressor and the evaporator fan will be running at that time as well. If I power the unit down for just 3 minutes and...

Failed to launch software

I had repaired and/or upgrade the BC-5300 on Windows at the sight of work. All these still resulted in nothing. Whenever I tried launching the software to allow the analyzer work, I always receive a prompt like this "connecting database failed!...

Laboratory Hot Plates

I am seriously lacking experience in the use of a ceramic laboratory hot plate. I have read somewhere that you should only heat materials in glass containers or it may crack the ceramic top plate. Does anyone know anything about this?

Check sample level

Hi everyone, currently my machine pop-up the error " check sample level ". Already check the level of the sample ( ok ), Drain and refill the sistem but the same error still pop-up. Anyone can assist?


Hi All, Unfortunately, our TL-100 is experiencing a "Drive" error again.  It is occurring consistently between 29,000 and 33,000 rpm and I can also hear a louder whining or ringing as it hangs up at these rpms than I have heard...


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