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Stepper motor don not sound at the start of the ON/OFF switch and software dont work

Dear Sir, We have a Varian SpectAA 300/400 spectrometer which was working good for many years. One day it caught a problem. The problem is when we make the red switch ON, we donot listen the stepper motor sound which we used to listen routinely...

Thermo Nicolet Avatar 360 FTIR

The above FTIR has not been used for over three years. Everything seems to be working and all diagnotic test show the green tick, however the performance test just shows bad scans. I have checked inside the compartment and the laser and source are...

cell electronics malfunctioning

when testing the cell electronics after disconnecting the ds4 cell and putting the dip switches as follows: sw4-1,2 = off off sw5-8 = on the conductivity reading is 199.9 micro siemens insted of 25.     any help...

No cycler available

After setting up the program, its displaying no cycler available once i press the start button..what could the problem ?? Please help me with this issue ??

I-Bar shifting during operation

We have 2 V Blenders (3 and 5 cu ft) and each I-Bar is set in place with set screws that become untightened during operation. This causes the I-Bar to separate from the collars and material enters the gaps and then burns the blend and mixes in with...

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Nauta Conical Screw Mixers are among the most popular homogenizers for blending powdered materials. Since Hosokawa invented of the Nauta Mixer in 1946, over 15,000 blenders have been built, from 5 liter small batch mixers to large production...

With arium® mini, the laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment supplier Sartorius offers an especially compact ultrapure water system. This newly developed system delivers a flow rate of one liter per minute and is specially designed for...

Through partnership with The University of Strathclyde, CoolLED are excited to announce the latest leap forward in LED illumination for microscopy – the pE-340 fura The pE-340 fura is a bespoke LED illuminator for Fura-2 imaging which...