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Connector to be used on D to A board of Dionex CD20 detector

I have a Dionex CD20 detector. I want to use a strip chart recorder for the output using the Digital to Analog Converter output on the card in Slot 2. I believe the top two pins will be what I need (of the 10 pin connections). I would like to make a...

network connection problem

Agilent 7890A GS. My laboratory instrument not connected with PC. Please help me.

Method 88

What is the Standard Method or EPA method equivalent for method 88  for total and Residual chlorine?

run method causing shifting retention times

Hello.I have been running this GC system for years now and all of a sudden I am having this problem. When I set my sequence up and start running my samples, I have a huge shift to the left in retention times, almost as if the instrument is running...

DSQ II data aquesetion problem during analyzing

Hi friendsfor my DSQ II I formatted the PC and installed a fresh copy of X-Calibur software but during the analysis i faced many problems , it is:why i can't see the real time plot (no data file)(no any signal during analysis time ).the sampler is...

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