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alarm going off

metrohm 848 totrino plus

how to troubleshoot pinston blockage in metrohm 848 titrino plus

Finding Compatible Parts for HP 5890 GC

Hi guys, we have an HP 5890A GC here in our lab we'd like to find a second GC to use for parts. Looking online, I've found many 5890's, but have noticed that most do not have the golden secondary button on the keypad like ours does. When...

Voltage Reading

Our GC is registering a voltage (sometimes around 40, sometimes as high as 830000) even when the gas flow is shut off. Anyone run into something like this before? Thank you

front display panel dead.

Touchscreen display panel will not light up. Tried with know good one and it worked fine on the pc board. any troubleshooting besides swapping it out that anyone knows??  Heracell 150 i

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GoIndustry DoveBid

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COLUMBIA, Md. (February 4, 2016) — Shimadzu Scientific Instruments will showcase several new products, including its latest GC-MS and triple quad LC-MS, host live demos and poster sessions, and present on the analysis of mycotoxins and medical...

New -70°C walk-in chamber available for outsourced biostorage...

Ultra-precise microstepping motor drive for high resolution placement with a hand controller for manual control...