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liquid collecting in ductwork and dripping on floor

We evaporate a solution of water, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, trace metals in a hood using a condensing column to collect most of the vapor. Some vapor ends up in the exhaust ductwork and drips out within ten feet of the hood. Any suggestions to...

Reflotron PLUS

My Reflotron Plus is giving error 113 checksum eeprom.  Can anyone help me out to fix it?  I need information as to what to do. Any one with suggestions should kingly send me. Thanks.


QC not in or lasting 8 hours. could it be internal? The PT result goes down. It's not the water, it's not the Tech or technique. QC cold natured but shouldn't have to be. Any ideas?


Im having issues with my IC, its giving the error code, Pumo over pressure error with an error code EGC1-invalid flow rate. Does anyone have ideas for me to able to trouble shoot the instrument? Any help would be appreciated.

Details of VWR 2475-LH

How old is it and how much is it?

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With great sadness, HORIBA, Ltd. announces the death of the company founder and Supreme Counsel, Dr. Masao Horiba, who passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 14, 2015. He was 90 years old.  A private funeral service has already held by his...

Bringing the advantages of high-throughput HPLC to the clinical market...

AMSBIO announces the launch of CellMax™ - a new range of high quality, consistent and affordable cell line FFPE slides....