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Fraction Collection Issues

We are running a sample thru 100 uL loop (HPLC). Peak of interest is around 6-7 minutes. When we reach that time we are not getting any drops??? We used delays (with/without), used slope/time/threshold Any recommendations   Use...

Troubleshooting guide

Good morning,   I'm currently writing a standard operation procedure at my company for the EnVision. I was looking, in the manuals, for a troubleshooting section for commonly observed errors or problems associated with the equipment...

Freezed on Initializing

There is a Steri-Cycle Forma Model 371. When I turn on it, the screen displays that INITIALZING, and freezes for ever. Does anyone who know how to fix the problem?


ill appreciete your best prices for the follwoing items a) A366C - kit thermistor conversion b) 6775- DIGITAL THERMOMETER W/1168E2

Moisture Analyzer HB43

Hello,  I have few problems with our Moisture Analyzer HB43 in our lab: -It is happening that when you press TARA to begin with a new analysis it needs a lot of time or it doesn't do it at all. Working conditions are stable and...

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Metrohm USA is proud to announce the release of a new standard leveraging its Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) systems. This new standard, ASTM D8150, provides a test method for the determination of harmful organic chlorides in crude oil...

The new Morphologi® range of automated static imaging systems for particle characterization from Malvern Panalytical – Morphologi 4 and Morphologi 4-ID – has been unveiled. Built on the market-leading success of previous systems, the...

 Today Lonza announced the latest addition to its cell-culture product portfolio – the Quasi Vivo® System. The Quasi Vivo® Device consists of an advanced, interconnected fluidics system to create more...