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Power Supplies

Published: February 12 2014

Almost every piece of equipment—from a computer to an oscilloscope and beyond—uses a power supply. Scientists expect power supplies to keep going and going. Luckily, most of them do. Those power plants inside devices, though, come in a

Focus on Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy

Published: October 10 2013

Withstanding the Test of Time Whether its typical samples are liquids, solids, or gases, nearly every laboratory has an ultraviolet-visible spectrometer that serves as a workhorse for dozens of applications. In terms of cost/effort versus

Time to Upgrade? CO2 Incubators

Published: September 10 2013

Reliability, consistency, and new features main reasons to go shopping As the heart of the lab and its workflow, CO2 incubators can make or break the facility’s overall productivity. Douglas Wernerspach, business manager of CO2 and

How It Works: Compact Mass Spectrometry

Published: September 10 2013

Problem: Detecting impurities in any chemical reaction has always been important to the chemist and it is becoming increasingly important to detect those present at low levels, (e.g. 0.5%). Common methods of assessing purity include

Adding More Automation and Raising Accuracy

Published: September 10 2013

In many research and commercial processes, a scientist measures a sample’s concentration of something, from the oxygen concentration in water to the vitamin C in food. Making those measurements requires titration. Controls make up some of

Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Pipettes

Published: August 12 2013

Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Pipettes The pipettes no longer fit the user’s needs. The pipettes are no longer accurate, or the volume is drifting. Lab technicians are experiencing repetitive motion

Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Fume Hood

Published: August 12 2013

 Top 6 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Fume Hood The fume hood fails to pass a filtration efficiency test but the filters are in good condition. In other words, the product is no longer keeping employees safe

Top 5 Signs You Should Service or Replace Your Mill or Grinder

Published: August 12 2013

To grind something solid, many of us might think of a mortar and pestle as the original grinding machine. In fact, that technology goes back at least to 1550 BCE, when one was described in Egyptian writing. Many other hand-powered mills and grinders

Top 5 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Lab Water System

Published: August 12 2013

Lab workers tend to treat water systems like utility or house water—open the spout and pour it out. That is partly true, as water systems have become ultra-reliable. What scientists often fail to note is how thoroughly lab operations depend on

Top 4 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Microplate Reader

Published: August 12 2013

Top 4 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Microplate Reader Misalignment of the microplate transport system with the measurement optics is one of the most common problems to occur in microplate readers over time. The easiest way to

Top 4 Signs that You Should Service or Replace Your AA Spectrophotometer

Published: August 12 2013

Atomic absorption (AA) has been known since the 19th century, but it was not until the 1950s, thanks to efforts by Alan Walsh at Australia’s CSIRO research center, that use of AA spectrometers became routine for metals analysis. Top 4

Top 11 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Particle Size Analyzer

Published: August 12 2013

  What is the size range you need to measure? Unfortunately, no one technique can measure all possible particle sizes, so the range needed will narrow the potential systems which can be used. If your application has a very wide range of

Lab Furniture

Published: August 12 2013

Taking some time to investigate the lab’s operations to uncover inefficiencies is a key part of successful lab design. It’s important to note any complaints regarding lab ergonomics: benches that are too high or crowded, not enough space

Are You In The Market for a Lab Balance?

Published: August 12 2013

With older mechanical balances fading from the picture, balances are becoming sophisticated in terms of user interface, ergonomics, data acquisition, and built-in diagnostics. Most balances interface with the user through a front panel, although

Top 7 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Centrifuge

Published: August 5 2013

 Top 7 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Centrifuge   See, hear, smell—You see rust and corrosion or damage, it makes noises that cannot be explained/fixed by service, or it has strange smells that cannot be

New Compact Microspectrometer Design Achieves High Resolution & Wide Bandwidth

Published: June 21 2013

A new microspectrometer architecture that uses compact disc-shaped resonators could address the challenges of integrated lab-on-chip sensing systems that now require a large off-chip spectrometer to achieve high resolution. Spectrometers have

Pipettes: An Accurate Guide

Published: March 8 2013

 System brings low-cost, automated pipetting to the lab At the beginning of December, the pipette industry got its first guided pipetting system as Hamilton Company’s Laboratory and Sensor Products Division released the Microlab 300