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Lonza Further Strengthens Hepatocytes Portfolio with Addition of Hepatic Non-Parenchymal Cells

Published: May 22 2018

Today, Lonza announced the addition of hepatic stellate cells, Kupffer cells and liver-derived endothelial cells to its extensive hepatocytes portfolio. These hepatic non-parenchymal cells provide scientists with the building blocks to create more

Lonza Expands Cell-Culture Portfolio with Quasi Vivo® System

Published: February 12 2018

 Today Lonza announced the latest addition to its cell-culture product portfolio – the Quasi Vivo® System. The Quasi Vivo® Device consists of an advanced, interconnected fluidics system to create more

Lonza to Present Latest Research into More Physiologically Relevant ADME-Tox Models at the Society of Toxicology Meeting

Published: February 2 2018

 During the Society of Toxicology Meeting from 11-15 March 2018 at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, TX (USA), Lonza will present two posters highlighting its latest research into developing more

Lonza to Showcase Its Latest Solutions for Enhanced QC Testing and Transfection at SLAS2018

Published: December 7 2017

Lonza will be exhibiting at SLAS2018, the annual show hosted by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, in San Diego, CA (USA). At Booth 534 Lonza will showcase how its automated QC testing solutions and Nucleofector™ Devices 

Lonza Announces New Offering of Silensomes™ HLM for Drug Metabolism Studies

Published: November 6 2017

Today Lonza Walkersville announced its new offering of Silensomes™ Human Liver Microsomes (HLM) products – pooled human liver microsomes for in vitro cytochrome P450 (CYP) phenotyping. CYP phenotyping is a regulatory requirement for new

Latest MODA™ Software Release from Lonza Enables Companies to Meet Updated Regulatory Guidance

Published: October 25 2017

Lonza’s MODA-EM™ Version 3.3 software enables microbiology Quality Control (QC) laboratories to comply with new regulatory guidelines. QC facilities have to manage the daily challenges of QC monitoring while meeting changing regulatory

High-Quality Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons for Research

Published: October 25 2017

The dorsal root ganglion (DRG) contains cell bodies of primary sensory neurons and is located at the posterior root of each spinal nerve. Neurons of the DRG are considered pseudounipolar since they have two axons instead of a single axon and

Lonza Expands Airway Disease Portfolio with Addition of IPF Airway Cells

Published: February 21 2017

Lonza now offers cryopreserved lung fibroblasts isolated from donors diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) for use in research into this potentially fatal condition. Normal lung fibroblasts and small airway epithelial cells – from

Lonza’s RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System Enables Corneal Modeling for Research into Potential Blindness Cure

Published: November 14 2016

Lonza’s RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System has been used to develop corneal models for research into treatment for a painful and potentially blinding corneal disease. During a recent Nature webinar, now available on demand, Julie Daniels,

New FAQs Tech Tip in the QC Insider ™ Toolbox Helps QC Professionals Manage the Low Endotoxin Recovery Phenomenon

Published: September 14 2016

Today Lonza announced a new resource available in the QC Insider™ Toolbox that addresses a key topic of debate in the endotoxin detection community – Low Endotoxin Recovery (LER). Building on Lonza’s comprehensive suite of support

Lonza’s 4D-Nucleofector™ LV Unit Delivers Closed, Optimized, Larger-Scale Transfection

Published: June 8 2016

Today Lonza introduced the 4D-Nucleofector™ LV Unit to its transfection platforms. The new unit expands the proven 4D-Nucleofector™ System to closed, larger-scale transfection of up to 1x109 cells. Transfection protocols can be

Lonza Launches PowerCHO Advance™ Media for Improved Protein-Production Yields

Published: March 14 2016

Lonza has launched PowerCHO Advance™ Media, the latest addition to the company’s range of specialized, chemically defined, serum-free media for culturing Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

Lonza Improves Quality of Poietics™ Human MSCs by Expanding Characterization Criteria

Published: September 21 2015

Enhanced Quality Testing Addresses Guidelines for Cell Therapy and Research

Lonza Launches Dedicated Hematopoietic and Immune Cells Knowledge Center

Published: September 8 2015

Lonza has launched its Hematopoietic and Immune Cells Knowledge Center, an online knowledge and education resource for scientists working in the field of hematopoietic research. The new portal has been specifically designed to help

Lonza to Expand the Availability of the RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System

Published: July 7 2015

Lonza has announced that it has reached an exclusive agreement with TAP Biosystems, part of the Stedim Biotech Group, to distribute the company’s RAFT™ (Real Architecture For 3D Tissue) 3D Cell Culture System. The RAFT™ System uses

Lonza Introduces New L7™ PBMC Reprogramming Bundle for the Simple, Rapid and Reliable Generation of hiPSCs from PBMCs

Published: June 11 2015

Lonza has today released the latest addition to its L7™ hPSC System, a robust, streamlined and comprehensive platform for the generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) and the maintenance of stem cells from a variety of

Lonza Introduces CytoSMART™ System for Walk-Away Live Cell Imaging

Published: April 28 2015

Lonza has today released CytoSMART™ System, an easy-to-use and affordable live cell imaging system that enables researchers to take time-lapse videos and images of their cell culture without needing to manually inspect their cells. The images