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Metrohm Autolab Partners with Arbin Instruments to Create an Integrated Solution for Battery Research

Published: June 24 2019

Metrohm Autolab and Arbin Instruments have combined their decades of experience to launch a new Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) solution that can easily be integrated into any battery testing program.   Incorporating

Joining Forces – The Acquisition of B&W Tek Takes Metrohm’s Spectroscopy Portfolio to the Next Level

Published: May 4 2019

The acquisition of B&W Tek LLC by Metrohm AG in July 2018 has created one of the largest solution providers for applied Raman spectroscopy. Beginning May 1, 2019, Metrohm USA and Metrohm Canada will begin selling B&W Tek mobile spectroscopy

Metrohm USA Announces 7th Annual Young Chemist Award Winner

Published: February 23 2019

Metrohm USA is pleased to announce the winner of its 2019 Young Chemist Award, Jeffrey Lopez. Jeffrey is a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he works under the supervision of Prof. Zhenan Bao, the K.K. Lee

Metrohm USA Contributes to Global Monograph Modernization Initiative

Published: December 1 2018

Metrohm USA is proud to continue its productive collaboration with USP (a.k.a. the United States Pharmacopeia) on a global initiative to modernize monographs that have traditionally featured wet chemistry methods. The goal of this modernization

Metrohm Acquires B&W Tek

Published: July 30 2018

Metrohm AG from Herisau, Switzerland and B&W Tek from Newark in Delaware, USA are pleased to announce the acquisition of B&W Tek’s Spectroscopy Solution Business, B&W Tek LLC, as well as several overseas subsidiaries. This

Metrohm Releases OMNIS KF – Its New Generation of Karl Fischer Titrators

Published: July 23 2018

Metrohm is proud to announce the extension of its OMNIS titrator platform to include a fully integrated solution for moisture analysis and water content determination with volumetric Karl Fischer titration. The OMNIS platform was first released in

Metrohm USA and USP Team Up On USP Monograph Modernization Webinar

Published: March 28 2018

Metrohm USA is proud to partner with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and host a webinar describing the USP monograph modernization program and the impact of this program for analytical instruments in pharmaceutical laboratories. Many USP

Metrohm Releases the Mira DS - a New Handheld Material Identification System for First Responders

Published: March 15 2018

Metrohm is proud to announce the release of its new handheld Raman material identification system Mira DS. Mira DS safely identifies illicit substances and explosives without the need for direct contact with the material in question, making it an

Metrohm USA Collaborates with ASTM to Release New Test Method Measuring Harmful Organic Chlorides in Crude Oil

Published: February 21 2018

Metrohm USA is proud to announce the release of a new standard leveraging its Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) systems. This new standard, ASTM D8150, provides a test method for the determination of harmful organic chlorides in crude oil

Metrohm USA Announces 6th Annual Young Chemist Award Winner

Published: February 2 2018

Metrohm USA is pleased to announce the winner of its 2018 Young Chemist Award, Chi-En Lin. Chi-En is a Ph.D. candidate at Arizona State University where he works under the mentorship of Dr. Jeffrey T. La Belle, Assistant Professor at the School of

Metrohm USA Opens Its New Headquarters in Florida

Published: January 23 2018

 Metrohm USA welcomes its Tampa employees to their new North American headquarters in Riverview, Florida. Since breaking ground in February 2017, the 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility has evolved into a space that exemplifies

Metrohm Acquires Innovative Photonic Solutions to Expand Handheld Raman Portfolio

Published: January 23 2018

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Metrohm USA and SUEZ Water Technologies to Present Refinery Process and Source Water Monitoring Webinar

Published: November 9 2017

Water is heavily used in the refining and energy generation sectors for process support and cooling. This usage alone accounts for almost 60% of freshwater withdrawal. Innovation and expertise are crucial to helping refineries overcome the

Metrohm Releases New Autosampler and Significant Upgrade to its 915, 916 and 917 Ti-Touch Titrators

Published: October 13 2017

Metrohm is proud to announce the release of significant enhancements to its Ti-Touch Titrator family of potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators and a new low-cost autosampler. These releases will bring enhanced productivity to laboratories

Metrohm USA Opens Office in Southern California

Published: September 26 2017

Metrohm USA is excited to announce the opening of its newest field office in Fountain Valley, California. Located just outside of Los Angeles, the new West Coast location supports the company’s mission to bring its market-leading technologies

Metrohm Application Finder Now Includes Standards and Methods for Regulatory Compliance

Published: June 23 2017

Metrohm is proud to announce an update to the application finder on its website that allows users to search application notes by industry method. The company’s extensive library features more than 2,000 documents that apply to a variety of

Metrohm Collaborates With the ASTM to Release New Method for Analyzing Liquid Petroleum Gas

Published: May 25 2017

  Metrohm USA is pleased to announce the publication of ASTM Method D7994,   establishing Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) as a standard test method to   determine total fluorine, chlorine and sulfur in

Metrohm Launches New Entry-Level Ion Chromatograph for Routine Water Analyses

Published: March 2 2017

Metrohm is proud to announce the launch of the Eco IC, a cost-effective new ion chromatograph designed for routine analysis. Eco IC delivers performance and productivity for price sensitive markets such as environmental testing and higher education

Metrohm USA Breaks Ground on New $20 Million Facility in Florida

Published: February 24 2017

On February 24, 2017, Metrohm USA broke ground on its new North American headquarters located in Riverview, Florida. Scheduled to be completed in early 2018, this nearly $20 million dollar facility will boast state-of-the-art laboratory and training

Complete Control for the Most Reliable Raman with the Mira M-3

Published: February 22 2017

Metrohm USA is proud to announce the release of the Mira M-3 handheld Raman spectrometer.  Based on method-driven software, the M-3 changes the landscape of handheld Raman, bringing the controls of a benchtop instrument to a handheld platform

Metrohm USA Announces 5 th Annual Young Chemist Award Winner

Published: February 17 2017

Metrohm USA is pleased to announce the winner of its 2017 Young Chemist Award, Aldin Malkoc. Aldin is completing his graduate work at Arizona State University where he works under the supervision of Professor Michael Caplan, Chair of the Biomedical

Metrohm Develops Cost Calculator to Highlight Savings Achieved by Using New ASTM Method D8045

Published: December 13 2016

Metrohm is proud to announce the release of a new calculator that helps refineries define their cost savings when using a new method developed by the ASTM. Recently published method D8045 utilizes thermometric titration for Acid Number (AN)

Making a Difference: Metrohm USA’s Involvement with the ASTM Brings Innovation to the Petroleum Industry

Published: November 28 2016

Metrohm USA’s continued efforts to partner with the ASTM supports the quality, distribution and delivery of petroleum products. As a member of ASTM’s largest committee D02, the company helps develop test methods that ensure the safety of

MarqMetrix ® and Metrohm USA are bringing the TouchRaman TM BallProbe ® and the Mira Handheld together for more accurate and reliable Raman measurements.

Published: September 15 2016

MarqMetrix has developed the only TouchRaman spectroscopy measurement device and is partnering with Metrohm USA, a leading provider of laboratory and process instrumentation, to make Raman spectroscopy more accessible, accurate and reliable

Metrohm and Industry Leaders Develop ASTM Acid Number Method for Petroleum Products

Published: August 12 2016

Metrohm is proud to announce that a method developed using the 859 Titrotherm titrator has been released by the ASTM for the determination of Acid Number (AN) in crude oil and petroleum products. Method D8045 demonstrates the superiority of

Metrohm USA Receives The Electrochemical Society Leadership Circle Award

Published: June 20 2016

Metrohm USA is proud to announce that it has received the Leadership Circle Award from The Electrochemical Society (ECS) recognizing ten consecutive years of membership. The mission of The Electrochemical Society is to advance theory and

OMNIS – Metrohm makes titration faster, safer, and easier

Published: May 11 2016

Metrohm is proud to announce OMNIS, its new platform for wet chemical analysis. With OMNIS, the market leader in titration addresses the needs of small and large laboratories alike: The new titration platform is modular and can be expanded from a

Vision Air – easy-to use spectroscopy software with powerful networking compatibility for routine Vis-NIR analysis and quality assurance

Published: March 18 2016

Metrohm USA is proud to announce the release of Vision Air spectroscopy software for Vis-NIR instruments. Designed for routine analysis measurements, this new software includes an intuitive and self-explaining user interface for fast measurement and

Metrohm Expands Empower 3 Support for Ion Chromatography

Published: March 1 2016

Metrohm USA is pleased to announce the expansion of Ion Chromatography instruments and accessories supported by Waters’ Empower® Chromatography Data Software (CDS). With the release of our new drivers Metrohm adds support for more sample

Metrohm 917 Karl Fischer Coulometer

Published: February 24 2016

Metrohm USA is pleased to announce the release of the new Metrohm 917 Karl Fischer Coulometer. This compact, stand-alone coulometer offers several unique features that make it ideal for fast, precise determination of low-level water content. A vivid

Metrohm USA creates Young Chemist Award

Published: March 1 2012

Metrohm continues its philanthropic support and commitment to the advancement of science by announcing its newest $10,000 award in North America. All graduate, post-graduate and doctorate students residing and studying in the US and Canada, who are

New compact KF titrator for your moisture testing needs!

Published: January 17 2012

Metrohm USA proudly introduces the KF Ti-Touch, a new compact titrator for routine moisture analysis in nearly all testing laboratories. The 915 KF Ti-Touch comes pre-loaded with methods needed to test water levels in most substances from 100 ppm to

Aquatrode plus now available with removeable electrode cable

Published: January 17 2012

Metrohm USA proudly offers the newest version of the Aquatrode plus with easy storage, quick replacement and complete flexibility because of its new removable cable. Developed for measurements and titrations in low-ion and poorly buffered samples,

New 896 Professional Detector and 850 IC Amperometric Detector Released

Published: January 16 2012

Metrohm USA proudly introduces the robust and easy to use amperometric detector—an alternative to conductivity and UV/VIS detectors. Used for sensitive and accurate determination of concentrations down to the ng/L-range when electroactive (i.e.

Introducing the NEW 898 XYZ Sample Changer from Metrohm

Published: January 3 2012

Metrohm presents the 898 XYZ Sample changer, an XYZ automate for the fast and reliable analysis of large sample series. Measurements and titrations are carried out directly in the sample vessels. High throughput, plenty of space for 82 samples, the p

Atline monitoring of a bleach production

Published: January 3 2012

Metrohm’s 875 ProcessLab system offers customized analytical solutions for a flexible monitoring of bleach components during production. Our process analytical solution allows monitoring of multiple electrolysis cells without the hassles of hav

Anywhere pH – The Metrohm 826 Mobile pH Meter

Published: January 3 2012

The Metrohm 826 Mobile pH meter is a waterproof, rugged pH meter suitable for use wherever there is a harsh environment.  This easy to use meter features level IP67 protection meaning that it is sealed against dust and submersion in water up to

Moisture Analysis System For Lyophilized Products Uses Your Vials From Metrohm

Published: July 7 2011

Metrohm systems allow the direct analysis of the moisture in situ in the vials where samples are lyophilized and stored—preserving the integrity of sample as well as saving time and cost by eliminating the need to transfer the sample prior to analysi

Metrohm Chrome-6 IC System for ppt detection of hexavalent chromium

Published: February 23 2011

Riverview, FL, January 2011… Environmental testing labs rejoice! The new Metrohm 887 UV/VIS detector is paired with an 881 Ion Chromatograph and Dosino® PCR delivery system for ultra-low determination of hexavalent chromium. In fact, calibration

Reasons to love Metrohm IC

Published: January 17 2011

Visit us at PITTCON to see our wide range of models designed and priced to meet any lab need and budget. High-tech features include a continuously regenerating suppressor that’s guaranteed to last 10 years. Smart chips in columns and accessories help

Metrohm Ion Chromatography Systems

Published: November 1 2010

Mississauga, ONT, November 2010. Metrohm Professional Series and Compact Series IC systems have become fast favorites in QA/QC testing labs across the US and Canada. Setting them light years ahead of the competition in both technology and user sa

tiamo® From Metrohm – the #1 titration software is even more powerful!

Published: September 23 2010

Riverview, FL, August 2010… Metrohm presents tiamo® 2.2, the newest version of the leading software for titration and more. tiamo 2.2 now supports thermometric titrations allowing practically any titrator to run in your lab! New method

pHit kit From Metrohm – give your pH electrodes a treat!

Published: September 23 2010

Riverview, FL, August 2010… Give your electrodes a treat! Metrohm’s pHit kit contains all you need to clean and regenerate your pH electrodes the gentle way. The pHit kit box contains: A step by step description of the cleaning procedure

Ecotrode Gel – maintenance-free pH electrode with aging indicator

Published: September 23 2010

Riverview, FL, August 2010… Metrohm introduces the Ecotrode Gel – the new maintenance-free electrode for pH measurement and titration. The new electrode life indicating reference gel lets users know if the sensor is still good for use. The main p