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AMSbio Launch Metabolism Stress Test Kits

Published: October 17 2017

AMSBIO announces the launch of two new microplate-based metabolism stress kits enabling characterization of the main parameters of mitochondrial function in live cells and evaluation of the glycolytic response of in vitro cell models to metabolic

Cell-line Derived Controls for Diagnostic Assay Development

Published: September 26 2017

AMSBIO announce the addition of mutation cell line Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) samples and isolated genomic DNA (gDNA) controls to its extensive range of cell line reference standards.   In both routine clinical use and

CD47 Protein Products for Cancer & Cardiovascular Research

Published: September 15 2017

AMSBIO has announced a new range of CD47-relevant products suitable for rapid high throughput screening studies.   CD47, or Integrin associated protein (IAP), is a transmembrane protein that in humans is encoded by the CD47 gene.

Xeno-free Cell Culture Medium

Published: September 6 2017

AMSBIO announces the availability of StemFit® Basic02 feeder-free stem cell culture media.   Stem cells and genome editing offer exciting opportunities within regenerative medicine. However, any clinical application of stem cells

Ready-to-use Adeno-Associated Virus Biosensors

Published: March 22 2017

AMSBIO announce a new range of ready-to-use adeno-associated virus (AAV) biosensor products. These viruses encode your chosen biosensor, either calcium or glutamate sensor and are ready for in vivo injection. The new range of Calcium or

High Purity Reagents for Proteoglycan & Glycosaminoglycan Research

Published: March 3 2017

AMSBIO has published a new 36-page catalogue that details its comprehensive range of high purity reagents for proteoglycan and glycosaminoglycan research. Proteoglycans are glycosylated proteins which contain covalently attached highly anionic

Ready-to-use Adeno-Associated Virus Biosensors

Published: January 19 2017

AMSBIO announce a new range of ready-to-use adeno-associated virus (AAV) biosensor products. These viruses encode your chosen biosensor, either calcium or glutamate sensor and are ready for in vivo injection. The new range of Calcium or

New Product: Recombinant Proteins for Killer Cell Receptor Research

Published: November 28 2016

AMSBIO announces a suite of high quality proteins and biotinylated proteins for research into killer-cell immunoglobulin-like receptors. Killer-cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIRs), are a family of type I transmembrane glycoproteins

New Product: Human Endothelial Progenitor Cells

Published: November 28 2016

AMSBIO has expanded its wide and varied catalogue of primary and progenitor cell types and media with a new range of human endothelial progenitor cells (EPC). Human endothelial progenitor cells are a primitive cell type. They are bone marrow

Organoid Culture Handbook

Published: October 20 2016

AMSBIO announces an extended and updated edition of its popular Organoid Culture Handbook. Launched at the EMBO Symposium on Organoids: Modelling Organ Development and Disease in 3D Culture, the new 24-page handbook includes valuable information

Research Products for Wnt Signaling Pathway Investigations

Published: September 29 2016

Anglo-American life science firm AMSBIO offers a comprehensive selection of products for Wnt signaling research including recombinant proteins, stable reporter cell lines, polyclonal antibodies and ELISA assay kits. Wnt proteins are a family of

Efficient DNA Extraction from Plant Tissue

Published: August 31 2016

AMSBIO announces MagSi-DNA Vegetal - a powerful kit that enables efficient extraction of genomic DNA from plant tissue. The new MagSi-DNA Vegetal kit brings the convenience and cost effectiveness of magnetic bead technology to the world of

Organoid Progenitor Cells Suitable for Gene Editing

Published: August 23 2016

AMSBIO has introduced Cultrex® Organoid Progenitor Cells that have been derived from normal, healthy mouse small intestine tissue and are continuously cultured using Reduced Growth Factor BME R1 and BME 2. This new introduction extends the

Zika Virus Recombinant Antigens & Antibodies

Published: July 22 2016

Anglo-American life science firm AMSBIO announces a new range of recombinant antigens and antibodies for Zika virus, which are suited for the development of rapid assays and to overcome the problem of cross-reactivity with related viruses. The

High Quality Products for Exosome Research

Published: May 26 2016

AMSBIO has introduced a wide selection of new high quality products for exosome research. Formulated to be quick, affordable and easy to use, AMSBIO's new expanded suite of quantification kits, isolation tools, standards, DNA & RNA

New Reagents for Organoid Growth and Harvesting

Published: May 5 2016

AMSBIO has introduced two new products to assist the increasing number of scientists adopting organoid culture as a physiologically relevant model for organ development. These new tools build upon the widespread use of AMSBIO’s BME2

High-throughput 96-Well Array for Direct Measurement of DNA Damage

Published: April 25 2016

AMSBIO has announced the launch of the 96-Well CometChip® System - a high-throughput platform developed to simultaneously treat and measure DNA damage induced by different treatments, or among different cell types on a single slide using the

Scalable Protocol to Differentiate Skeletal Muscle Cells from Stem Cells

Published: February 18 2016

AMSBIO announces the availability of the world's first kit to differentiate human pluripotent stem cells into functional myotubes. The new kit utilizes a highly efficient media based protocol to produce skeletal muscle cells from stem cells in a

Optimized CRISPR/CAS9 Delivery for Disease Model Generation

Published: November 30 2015

AMSBIO has launched DNA-In® CRISPR – an innovative transfection reagent that simplifies and accelerates genome editing using large plasmids and difficult-to-transfect cells for life science researchers generating disease models.  

Enhanced Glycoselective Bioaffinity Proteins

Published: October 30 2015

RPLs are enhanced glycoselective bioaffinity proteins that enable efficient detection, analysis and selective isolation of glycosylated biomolecules.

PD-1 Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit

Published: October 13 2015

AMSBIO has announced a new PD-1 (Programmed Death) inhibitor screening assay kitfor cancer research studies.   Immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer is rapidly evolving from therapies that globally and non-specifically simulate the

Diverse Pharmacological Modulators for Targets, Pathways and Processes

Published: September 1 2015

AMSBIO has announced the launch of PATHM2 small molecules libraries for small scale screening in developmental biology and discovery research.   PATHM2 libraries are available to identify accessory molecules that improve cell viability,

Ultimate Control for Immunohistochemistry and in situ Hybridisation

Published: July 28 2015

AMSBIO announces the launch of CellMax™ - a new range of high quality, consistent and affordable cell line FFPE slides.

Exosomes for Regenerative Medicine Research

Published: June 23 2015

AMSBIO has launched a new range of human exosomes to the regenerative medicine tools and technologies market. Derived from placental and adipose derived stem cells, to ensure consistent high quality, these new products are ideally suited for

GMP Grade Cell Cryopreservation Media

Published: June 17 2015

AMSBIO has announced the launch of GMP grade STEM-CELLBANKER® manufactured in strict compliance with Japanese, EU, US, and PICS good manufacturing practice guidelines.   Supplied as a ready-to-use formulation, STEM-CELLBANKER is a

Ready-to-Use Tagged cDNA Clones

Published: June 1 2015

Available from AMSBIO TrueORF®cDNA clones are tagged cDNA clones for protein studies.

Exclusive Biotinylated Protein Collection

Published: April 29 2015

AMSBIO has launched a new and exclusive biotinylated protein collection specially designed to simplify your research.

New Tools And Services For Immunotherapy Discovery

Published: March 19 2015

AMSBIO has announced a new range of purified, soluble immunoreceptors involved in key signalling pathways. Together with new indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) assay kits  these products that can be used to screen for inhibitors of

Highly Efficient Targeted mRNA Delivery

Published: March 9 2015

AMSBIO announces the launch of mRNA-In™ and mRNA-In™ Neuro – a new range of high efficiency, targeted transfection reagents. Offering high transfection efficiency and expression levels across a broad range of cell types,

A New Magnetic Technology for Bioseparations and Studies of Biomolecular Interactions

Published: July 15 2014

AMSBIO announces MagSi-Direct - a revolutionary technology that brings the power, simplicity, and convenience of magnetic separation to researchers involved in cell biology, protein chemistry, flow cytometry, diagnostics development and other fields.

Consistent & Efficient Purification of NGS Library Reactions

Published: June 23 2014

AMSBIO announces MagSi-NGSPREP- a magnetic bead based tool that offers an efficient solution for DNA clean-up and size selection in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications. MagSi-NGSPREP supports all standard DNA clean-up protocols encountered

Powerful Tool for Genomic Editing

Published: May 23 2014

AMSBIO announces the introduction of CRISPR/Cas9 - a full gene editing tool designed to produce a genetically modified cell using any mammalian cell line and targeting any gene.   CRISPR/Cas9 is revolutionizing the field of genomic

Compact Ozone Sterilizer Eliminates Contaminants and Germs

Published: May 15 2014

The Ozilla™ from AMSBIO is a new high quality, purpose-built ozone gas generator. Measuring just 13 x 11 x 5 inches (32 x 28 x 13 cm), it will fit in most standard laboratory cell culture incubators, air incubators, cell culture hoods, PCR

Efficient Delivery of Proteins into Living Cells

Published: April 25 2014

BioPORTER® Protein Delivery Reagent from AMSBIO is a unique lipid formulation that allows direct translocation of proteins into living cells. BioPORTER is the first and only lipid-based protein delivery system that efficiently transports

Device for Removal of Dying and Dead Cells

Published: March 24 2014

AMSBIO announces ClioCell™ - an ex-vivo device for removal of dying and dead cells, improving viability and quality of cell populations and their subsequent productivity. The system comprises super-paramagnetic nanoparticles which have

Ultra Low Adhesion Plates for Superior 3D Spheroid Cell Culture

Published: March 3 2014

Available from AMSBIO -Lipidure®-Coat low adhesion plates and dishes are shown in cited research to be one of the most effective tools for state-of-the-art 3D spheroid cell culture.  These new plates and dishes are available in 384-well

Ready-to-UseLentivirus for miRNA Expression and Inhibition

Published: January 31 2014

AMSBIO has introduced a range of ready-to-use human and mouse lentivirus products for miRNA and anti-miRNA expression (miRNA inhibition). Lentiviral expression vectors are the most effective vehicles for delivering genetic material to almost any

Aptamer Kits for Cell Isolation & Flow Cytometry

Published: January 17 2014

AMSBIO has announced the introduction of new aptamer kits for cell isolation and flow cytometry. Aptamers are oligonucleotides or peptides that bind to a specific target molecule. Aptamers are useful in biotechnological and therapeutic

Animal-Free and Endotoxin-Free Stem Cell Factors

Published: October 15 2013

A new range of animal-free and endotoxin-free growth factors and cytokines, tailored to stem cell research, has been launched by AMSBIO – a leading supplier of recombinant proteins. The success of stem cell research depends on the

High Throughput 96- & 384-Well DNA Purification

Published: July 18 2013

MagSi-DNA cleanFIX from AMSBIO offers a cost effective solution for purifying DNA fragments, removing all unwanted side products and reagents, such as single nucleotides, terminator dyes, primers and primer dimers, enzymes, buffers and salts

3D Spheroid Assays for Cancer Drug Screening

Published: June 25 2013

AMSBIO has introduced a new range of 96-well format 3D Spheroid Cell Proliferation / Viability Assays, providing a new tool to allow cell-based assays to be carried out in 3D. The new AMSBIO 3D Spheroid Proliferation/Viability Assay provides a

High Yield RNA Isolation without the Paraffin Removal Step

Published: May 15 2013

AMSBIO offers a range of kits and reagents for the extraction (isolation) of high quality RNA from FFPE tissues and LCM samples that can be used not only for PCR but also microarray applications. Using AMSBIO ExpressArt® RNA isolation

Highly Specific Aptamer Protein Precipitation Kits

Published: May 7 2013

AMSBIO has announced a new range of Aptamer Protein Precipitation Kits that bind with unmatched high specificity and affinity to target molecules. The new AMSBIO Aptoprecipitation (AP) / Co-aptoprecipitation (Co-AP) Kits are aptamer based

Purified Genomic DNA and cDNA Products Save Research Time

Published: January 29 2013

Drawing upon 25 years experience of serving life science research laboratories - AMSBIO has put together a comprehensive range of genomic DNA and cDNA products derived from various human normal and disease state tissue types. These purified samples

Integrating matrix into 3D spheroid culture enables high throughput measurement of cell invasion

Published: December 21 2012

AMSBIO has announced the launch of the 3D Culture 96-Well BME* Cell Invasion Assay to address the growing need for more complete and physiologically predictive cancer invasion models. Invasive migration is a fundamental function underlying

Researchers respond enthusiastically to alvetex 3D cell culture

Published: December 17 2012

AMSBIO’s customers are among those who are providing positive feedback on how the alvetex® 3D cell culture scaffold is opening up much more relevancy in their applications. These comments* come from a variety of scientists both in industry

RNA Sequencing Kits Improve NGS Workflow

Published: November 21 2012

AMSBIO small RNA and mRNA sample library construction kits have been designed to enable fast and cost-effective Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) As a disruptive technology, NGS is rapidly changing the landscape of biomarker research, clinical

Improving Accuracy, Productivity and Relevancy of Cell Based High Throughput Assays

Published: October 30 2012

AMSBIO, specialists in 3D cell culture technology, has announced the launch of a 384-well version of the popular Alvetex®Scaffold cell culture plates. The new Alvetex®Scaffold 3D cell culture plates provide biopharmaceutical companies with a

Comprehensive range of ready-to-use RNAs

Published: October 26 2012

AMSBIO has expanded its range of ready-to-use RNA samples to now include mRNA / microRNA tissue preparations and a large number of RNAs from mouse and rat development stages. With more than 20 years of experience in RNA isolation, AMSBIO has

Cell Adhesion Assays Help Evaluate Optimal Cell Attachment

Published: September 24 2012

AMSBIO has expanded its range of products for cell growth and behaviour with a suite of Cell Adhesion Assays, designed to evaluate optimal cell attachment to extracellular matrices and assess factors that influence cell-matrix interactions. Cell

Serum-free formulation for culturing stem cells

Published: August 13 2012

PluriQ™ Serum Replacement from AMSBIO is an optimized serum-free supplement formulated as a direct replacement for FBS (fetal bovine serum) for culturing healthy, undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and induced pluripotent stem

Unique Personal Lab Sterilizer Sets A New Benchmark

Published: July 19 2012

AMSBIO has announced CoolCLAVE™ - a compact, easy-to-use personal lab sterilizer. CoolCLAVE™ uses ozone gas to clean your laboratory tools. It is effective in sterilizing and deodorizing lightly contaminated pipettes, pipette tips,

Proliferation Assays Ease Downstream Applications of 3D Cell Culture

Published: May 3 2012

AMSBIO has announced a new range of 3D proliferation assays that make downstream applications of 3D cell culture easier. The past few years have seen a boom in the number of papers published covering 3D cell culture, as researchers working in

Lentiviral particles provide labels for organelles

Published: March 16 2012

AMSBIO has announced a new range of ready-to-use lentiviral particles that allow direct visualisation of organelles or structures in cells without manipulation. For real time visualisation, traditionally researchers have had to use plasmids for

Highly Sensitive Assay for Screening of Tankyrase 1

Published: January 26 2012

The Tankyrase 1 Activity Assay from AMSBIO are highly sensitive screening kits for the identification of Tankyrase 1 inhibitors in an in vitro system.  These new kits are the latest addition to the comprehensive range of high performance PARP as

Magnetic beads provide optimised sample preparation of peptides & protein digests

Published: December 2 2011

MagSi-proteomics beads are magnetic beads that are an ideal tool for the purification, concentration and desalting of peptides and protein digests. The surface of the beads has been modified with C4, C8 and C18-alkyl groups that are optimised for rev

Rat Specific ELISA Kits for Neuroscience Applications

Published: November 29 2011

  AMSBIO has expanded its range of rat specific ELISA kits that enable precise analysis of key neurodegenerative-related biomarkers while minimizing the use of precious samples. Visitors to the recent Neuroscience 2011 meeting in Washin