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International Phenome Centre Network Launches

Published: December 5 2016

Global research network hunts the missing link between genetics and environmental factors to unlock the secrets of global diseases such as cancer and diabetes to revolutionise healthcare

Advanced characterization of biosimilars using LC-MS and HDX-MS technology

Published: August 2 2016

Learn how HDX-MS can be used to qualify structural attributes of biosimilar mAb drugs in the video, Contribution of HDX-MS to Evaluate the Conformational Similarity of Biosimilars to Reference Products. Watch Video Hear how LC-MS assays offer

Waters Announces New Reference Library for Metabolite Profiling by Ion Mobility Separations

Published: June 6 2016

Waters Corporation has introduced a new metabolic profiling reference library for use during ion mobility mass spectrometry-based research. The Metabolic Profiling CCS Library includes more than 900 measurements of collision cross-section (CCS)

Waters New Symphony Data Pipeline Software for Personalized Data Processing

Published: June 2 2016

Waters Corporation today introduced SymphonyTM Data Pipeline software, a client-server application for laboratories acquiring and archiving large amounts of data. Symphony software automates the movement and transformation of large amounts of LC-MS

Ever wondered what you're missing out on? Or do you already think IMS is not for you?

Published: May 19 2016

We have taken it back to basics in our most popular ion mobility video yet, which simplifies ion mobility like you have never seen before. Plus our recent ion mobility blog, which outlines the fundamentals of IMS and the benefits collision cross

Waters Introduces Xevo TQ-XS, the Most Sensitive Benchtop Mass Spectrometer Available

Published: May 16 2016

Waters Corporation today introduced the new Xevo® TQ-XS mass spectrometer, the most sensitive benchtop tandem quadrupole instrument available. Enabled by the newly designed StepWaveTM XS ion guide, this mass spectrometry system features a unique

Waters Brings Novel Separations and Ionization Technologies to High Resolution Mass Spectrometry at ASMS

Published: May 27 2015

Ion Mobility Spectrometry and REIMS Direct-from-sample Ionization Deliver Greater Clarity, Confidence and Speed to Routine LC-MS and MS Analyses

Waters Introduces the Xevo TQ-S micro Tandem Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, the Dependable Choice for Quantitative UPLC/MS/MS Analyses

Published: June 16 2014

New Mass Spectrometer Packs Impressive Performance into a Compact Design

Waters Introduces the New Xevo G2-XS QTof Mass Spectrometer, Bringing Uncompromised Sensitivity and Exceptional Quantitative Ability to Mass Spectrometry

Published: June 16 2014

New Collision Cell Technology Gives Laboratories Powerful New Quadrupole Time-of-Flight MS System for Targeted Quantification and Qualitative Analyses

Waters Introduces the ACQUITY QDa Detector, Bringing Push-Button Mass Detection to Chromatography

Published: October 7 2013

Detector Puts the Power of Mass Detection Within Reach of Every Analytical Scientist Waters Corporation introduced the new Waters® ACQUITY  QDa™ Detector, the first mass detector to bring high-quality, mass

Waters Introduces CORTECS Columns Featuring Solid-Core Particle Technology

Published: June 17 2013

New Family of UltraPerformance LC Columns Pushes the Limits of Separation Efficiency and Throughput

Waters Introduces the SYNAPT G2-Si to Its Mass Spectrometer Product Line

Published: June 11 2013

Instrument is the Most Advanced Ion Mobility Enhanced Research Mass Spectrometer

Waters Biopharmaceutical, Bioanalysis and Screening Solutions Now Shipping with UNIFI 1.6

Published: April 30 2013

UNIFI 1.6 is Industry’s First Multi-User, Server-Based Technology for Management of Analytical LC, LC/MS, and LC/MS/MS Data   Waters Corporation is now shipping UNIFI® Scientific Information System, release version 1.6, for the