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Automated Mineralogy Incubator Aids Technology Adoption

Published: June 7 2017

This week at the FUTORES II international conference on tectonics, ores, resources and sustainability AXT unveiled the Automated Mineralogy Incubator (AMI). The AMI facility was established to generate a broader understanding of automated mineralogy

First TESCAN SEM Installation Dedicated to Life Science in Australia

Published: February 15 2017

AXT are proud to announce that they have recently completed the installation of a TESCAN VEGA SEM at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute where it will be used exclusively for life science applications. QIMR Berghofer is a world leading medical

AXT Brings Magnetic Particle Imaging Technology to Australia

Published: December 20 2016

AXT is proud to be able to bring another cutting-edge technology to Australia that will help our medical researchers accelerate the rate at which they bring new cures, remedies and therapies to clinical realities. In this case, AXT have partnered

Hirox Magnifies Their Advantage with the RH-2000 3D Digital Microscope

Published: January 19 2016

Hirox, the pioneers of 3D digital microscopy, continue to lead the field with the release of the RH-2000, the most advanced digital microscope on the market. This new model includes a host of new features such as a new CMOS camera, refined hardware

Full-Featured SEM with Bench Top Price Installed at AXT

Published: September 24 2015

AXT is proud to announce that we have just installed a TESCAN VEGA3 SB Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in our demonstration lab. The VEGA3 SB comes with the price tag of a bench top system, while offering far superior performance and unmatched

First Onsite SEM-Based Automated Minerals Analysis System in Australia

Published: March 10 2015

AXT Pty Ltd announced today the installation of a TESCAN TIMA automated mineralogy system at Northparkes Mines. The copper and gold mine is located near the town of Parkes in central west New South Wales and is owned by CMOC. This installation is

AXT Successful with Bid to Supply University of South Australia with A Micro Diffractometer

Published: June 5 2014

AXT Pty. Ltd., a leading Australian supplier of scientific instruments is pleased to announce that they have won the bid to supply the Mawson Institute at the University of South Australia with a Rigaku D/Max Rapid II Dual Wavelength Micro X-Ray

AXT and Delmic Sign Distribution Agreement for Correlative Fluorescent and CL Microscopy Products

Published: May 13 2014

AXT, Australia’s leading supplier of high technology scientific equipment is pleased to announce that they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Delmic, a Dutch company specialising in unique fluorescent/SEM (SECOM) and