Milestone knows that sensitive analytical instruments such as an ICP or ICP-MS can be affected by trace level contaminations.  Reagent grade acids used during sample preparation are a common place for such contaminates to be found. Milestone has developed the DuoPUR, a sub-boiling distillation system which allows laboratories to make their own high purity acids from reagent grade acids dramatically increasing the purity of the samples they are analyzing while reducing overall lab costs.

The DuoPUR uses a sub-boiling distillation technique which is based upon vaporizing a liquid by infrared heating of its surface to avoid boiling which prevents the formation of aerosol or droplets. Whereas the use of conventional distillation uses violent boiling and will result in contamination of the original liquid with the distillate and will negatively affect the quality of the samples being analyzed. 

Milestone allows labs to purify low cost reagent grade acids for an “on demand” high purity acid need. Most labs see a 90% cost savings by producing their own ultra-pure acids.
The DuoPUR will benefit any lab by reducing the cost of ultra-pure acids and is the perfect alternative for labs that purchase ultra-pure acids.