Air Liquide America Specialty Gases has recently introduced the Air Check O2monitor, a compact and easy-to-install unit that's ideal for use in confined spaces where inert gases might accumulate. Air Check is recommended for use in gas storage areas, freezers and other locations where low oxygen levels may pose a dangerous asphyxiation hazard.

Unlike traditional electrochemical sensor cells, Air Liquide's Air Check O2monitor features a current-limiting zirconium oxide oxygen sensor that will operate continuously for 10 or more years, with little or no maintenance. It responds to low oxygen conditions within seconds, providing drift-free oxygen readings even in areas where temperature, barometric pressure and humidity levels are variable.

When compared to disposable-type sensors that become ineffective after just a single year of service, Air Check is easily the more cost-effective oxygen monitoring solution! What's more, with the Air Check O2monitor, there are no zero or span calibration pots to adjust. Exposure to a reference gas is never necessary. The Air Liquide Air Check O2monitoring system with long-life zirconium oxygen sensor pays for itself in as few as three years!

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, Air Check transmits continuous oxygen concentration levels to any system control data acquisition system or programmable logic controller. It can be configured as a display-only monitor or a full-featured monitor with dual-level, user-selectable alarm relays that can be operated remotely up to 1,000 meters from centralized controllers.