Used Lab Equipment - A Smart Alternative to New?

Posted: November 4, 2011

Anyone starting a new lab on their own is going to be purchasing expensive lab equipment and in order to get the precise results needed quality equipment is a must. With dollars and budgets being minimal a researcher may be limited to what they can buy new, effecting the experiments and research they wish to conduct.  So the question I have “Is used equipment the smart alternative to buying new?”

The market is flooded with used and refurbished lab equipment from dealers offering complex units like chemistry analyzers, HPLC systems, centrifuges and more at a fraction of the cost of buying new and with factory trained technicians that refurbish equipment back to manufacturer specifications going used is not only cost saving but a green alternative too.  

Always proceed with caution when opting to buy second-hand lab equipment, especially if it’s a product that can affect the outcome of your research. Buy from an established and well known vendor, a few steps to take would be to evaluating the recertified equipment, checking that all the parts are in order, and ensure the unit works well. At the end of the day making a wise buying decision can go a long way in improving the efficiency of your lab and help in saving you money.

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Posted: December 6th, 2011


Thanks for directing to .

Can you please guide me on the cost benefits which I can get by using old lab equipment.

Thank you



Posted: September 24th, 2016

Used equipment is a great alternative to a new one, but it is important to check the product for any hidden flaws.

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Replied to amit at December 13th, 2011

Hi Amit,

Thanks for your comment.

There are many things to consider when you are looking at the cost benefits of buying used lab equipment. Has the instrument been refurbished to manufacturer standards? Are all parts included and in working order? Are you buying from a reputable source? If you make sure you do your research before investing in a piece of used lab equipment you could end up potentially saving your self thousands of dollars.

Check out LabManager's article, 'Cost Benefit Analysis' for a great read on how to weigh up the pros and cons when making a big financial decision in your lab, like buying a new or used piece of equipment.



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