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Image: Keeping on top of work over the holidays

It is a busy time of year for everyone with the holidays coming up and the beginning of a new year. One thing you may want to do is ensure your lab is in good working order and organized. A “To Do” list is always a good idea to ensure

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Image: Is Your Lab On Board the Social Media Train?

As much as you may be opposed to the idea of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in your lab, all forms of social media have shown proven success in getting your communication out there when it comes to operating your business. Long gone are the days

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Up & Coming Features

December 9, 2011

Image: Up & Coming Features

It’s snowing on LabWrench! This year’s festive season brings many interesting new features to LabWrench and we know all of our users will be as excited as us to see how the changes will improve the site. Other than the winter themed

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Safety Comes First.

December 2, 2011

Image: Safety Comes First.

Everybody who works in a lab knows the importance of following correct safety procedures. If there is any carelessness with safety precautions, major accidents can occur. With so many other things going on within your lab it is sometimes easy to

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Image: Keeping a Clean Lab - Do I Have to do the Dishes?

Maintaining a clean lab environment, including all glassware is imperative to achieve optimal results or preserve certain chemical solutions. With lab glassware coming in all shapes and sizes, including beakers, burettes, graduated cylinders, and

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Image: Ergonomic Pipetting – A New Approach

It is common to assume Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) only occurs to people working in computer operations. However it also greatly affects laboratory staff when day to day duties include repetitive and precise movements of the hands and arms,

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Image: Maintenance and Repair Options for Your Lab Equipment

To help maintain the durability and a consistent performance of your lab equipment timely maintenance and repair is required. Wear and tear from frequent use can cause operational inconsistency; malfunctioning equipment is hazardous and can produce

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Image: Used Lab Equipment - A Smart Alternative to New?

Anyone starting a new lab on their own is going to be purchasing expensive lab equipment and in order to get the precise results needed quality equipment is a must. With dollars and budgets being minimal a researcher may be limited to what they can

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Equipment Support 24/7

November 1, 2011

Image: Equipment Support 24/7

Do you have time for your lab equipment to be down? Not many do and that’s where LabWrench comes in. A resource for lab professionals to connect with each other to ask equipment related questions, provide answers, discuss options, fix those

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