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Image: Spectrophotometers - In the Spotlight

Spectrophotometers are an important instrument to help determine how much light is absorbed by a sample. There are a wide range of sub-categories this instrument falls under depending on the type of experiment. These include; Atomic Absorption,

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My Bench Communities Launch

January 27, 2012

Image: My Bench Communities Launch

As promised, the new My Bench Communities have been launched today. Whether you’re a new or existing user of My Bench, make sure you have a look at the new layout and features we are now offering. With the possibility to now bench not only

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Image: New Product Updates Plus Exciting New Features!

Last week’s product entry focus has been on lab baths and chillers and we completed 12 new products entries into that category.  The following is a summary, click on the links to view each individual product and click on the manufacturers

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Image: Centrifuge – The Instrument Found in Almost Every Lab

When you walk into most modern laboratories you will be pretty certain to find at least one staple piece of equipment every time, the centrifuge. This instrument has been used for many years in the lab and is in fact one of the earliest pieces of

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Image: What to Look for when Buying Furniture for your Lab

It’s not something that immediately springs to mind on a day to day basis, but you may be setting up a new lab and need to furnish it, or you might find a piece of existing furniture needs to be replaced. Working in a lab you will know already

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