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Image: Electrophoresis: The Electro-Kinetic Phenomenon

Electrophoresis is a biotechnology technique used to separate and analyze charged molecules within an electric field. There are various types of gels used depending on the required results. Two commonly used gels are Agarose (sugar polymer derived

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Image: LabWrench Communities are here!

The My Bench Communities are here! When browsing LabWrench you will come across these symbols ( , , ) and the option to "bench" products, categories, and even manufacturers. This will allow you to tailor your LabWrench profile to your

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New Product Updates!

February 24, 2012

Image: New Product Updates!

32 new products were added to LabWrench this week with a focus again on Centrifuges, as well as Gas Generators, and Titrators. Please click on the links below to view recently added products. Centrifuges LW Scientific - Portafuge and C5 MSE -

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Image: Automated Liquid Handlers - Minimizing Liquid Delivery Errors

Liquid handling systems play a crucial role within the lab, especially where a large amount of sample analysis is required on a daily basis. They help reduce the amount of time it takes to get the results you need. To keep up with the demands of

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Image: Product Updates - Centrifuge Category

The major focus for product entry this week has been the centrifuge category with 46 new products entered! Being such a big category, it is not uncommon to see a large amount of new products on the market. See below for a breakdown of new and old

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Image: Chromatography Support and Repair

Chromatography is such a broad category and is a process that is used by Lab Scientists and Technicians around the world. Every day there are new discoveries being made using this procedure, and manufacturers are coming out with new and improved

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Image: Gas Generators - New Equipment Category on LabWrench!

This week we added a new equipment category, Gas Generators. This can be found under the main Analytical category. We found that Gas Generators are used in a wide variety of laboratory applications and therefore felt that it needed a place on

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Image: Vacuum Pumps for Every Application

Vacuum pumps are used for a wide variety of applications including evaporation, distillation and filtration to name a few. It is important to choose a vacuum pump that matches your specific lab application and it is for this reason that vacuum pumps...

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Image: Spectrophotometers - In the Spotlight

Spectrophotometers are an important instrument to help determine how much light is absorbed by a sample. There are a wide range of sub-categories this instrument falls under depending on the type of experiment. These include; Atomic Absorption,

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