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Image: GenTech Scientific – Look No Further for Sales and Service of New and Used Analytical Equipment

GenTech Scientific originally began as a GC/MS service company in 1995 and quickly obtained their quality service status within the Mass Spectrometry community. Since then the company has moved into the refurbishment of analytical equipment

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Image: Have You 'Benched' Your Favorite Communities Yet?

The new Communities on LabWrench have been running for a couple of months now and so far we have noticed some great numbers in relation to newly benched communities. Total new communities joined since the launch in January is 576 so it’s great...

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Image: Check Out the New Category on LabWrench: Air Samplers

The technique of air sampling is used when analyzing contaminants in a particular volume of air. A pump passes air through a filter medium (varies according to solid or gas contaminants) and the volume of remaining air is measured against the amount...

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Image: New LabWrench Advertiser – Spectra Services!

This month we welcome Spectra Services as a new advertiser to LabWrench. Spectra is a distributer of microscopy products including related equipment and is dedicated to satisfying the unique imaging requirements and needs of their customers

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Image: What's Your Top Priority When Buying or Replacing a Lab Balance?

In the world of Lab Balances it’s all about precision and accuracy. With two basic balance types: Analytical and Top Loaders, plus some less common types: Microbalances, Precision, and Ultra-Microbalances, it’s no wonder purchasing a Lab

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Image: Are You an Orbital or Reciprocal Shaker?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a lab shaker: will it be used to mix chemicals? Are you going to grow cell cultures? Do you need temperature control? What about incubated or refrigerated? Lab shaker manufacturers are constantly

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Image: Is Preventative Maintenance a Top Priority in Your Lab?

Accuracy, durability, and consistent performance are top priorities when it comes to your lab equipment and ensuring you get efficient results. You may have a piece of equipment that you have used and loved for many years and it could be starting to...

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Image: New and Exciting Products Added to LabWrench this Week

The product entry focus for this week has been on UV-Vis Spectrophotometers with 11 new products added, and Microplate Readers with 9 new products added so far. These products come from a variety of manufacturers including; Biochrom, Titertek

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Image: UHPLC Systems: The Future of Liquid Chromatography

HPLC systems seem to be getting better with age. Recently, within the last 10 years there has been a big focus on innovation and improvement of these commonly used instruments within modern laboratories. This focus has lead to the development of the...

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