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Image: BINDER – LabWrench’s Newest Sponsor!

BINDER is the largest simulation chamber specialist in scientific and industrial laboratories worldwide. With a focus on the perfect simulation of biological, chemical and physical environment for a variety of industries, BINDER considers superior

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The Flow Cytometry Surge

April 25, 2012

Image: The Flow Cytometry Surge

Flow cytometry has been around since the late 1970s and is still a growing and developing field used for analysis and sorting of individual particles. In the past few years there has been an increase in immunophenotyping cells undergoing development...

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Image: Chemistry Analyzers - Bringing You Versatility for Every Application

The chemistry analyzer is one of the most diverse laboratory tools used in a wide variety of science applications. In a clinical setting the device is used for analyzing bodily fluids for lipid, protein, carbohydrate and enzyme activity that can

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Image: Maintenance and Repair for Optimal Lab Performance

Daily wear and tear of your lab equipment can cause inaccurate results and safety issues. It is therefore important to keep up to date with maintenance and repair to ensure optimal operational performance. There is much debate on whether using the

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Image: LabWrench Product Entry Update

Product entry this past week has been relatively steady with 13 new products added to the site. Products added were from a variety of companies over different categories and I’ve included a list below. Click on the links to view the product

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Image: Welcome to LabWrench’s newest sponsor – Erlab!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome a new advertiser to LabWrench. Erlab has been the worldwide specialist in ductless filtering fume hoods for over 40 years. With research and development locations in the US, France and China and a

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Image: Are You in the Market for a New Fume Hood?

Fume hoods allow scientists to work safely with potentially hazardous chemicals and are a primary safety method in preventing exposure to harmful fumes. Fume hoods rely on linear or vortex air flow to divert harmful gases from compounds. These gases...

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