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Image: LabWrench & Social Media - The Importance of Staying Connected

With the emergence of websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it is easy to see how social networking can be used as an efficient platform in sharing information and connecting with colleagues with similar interests and goals. 

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Image: The Importance of Mass Spectrometry (MS) in the Modern Lab

Agilent Technologies - 7000A Mass Spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique that is widely used in many fields; including clinical research, environmental analysis and forensic analysis.  This technique is applied by ionizing chemical

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Image: Is Your Lab Furniture Following Modern Trends?

It is important to select lab furniture that fills specific requirements for your lab including features such as shelves, storage, gas/electricity supplies, and clean areas. The key to a well set up lab is flexibility, functionality and most

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Image: Biological Safety Cabinets – Because Safety is Not an Option!

One of the most important aspects in a lab is the safety of personnel from harmful pathogens. This is the primary role of a Biological Safety Cabinet which uses particulate filters to remove bacteria and viruses from the air. It is highly important

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Image: Pace Analytical – New LabWrench Sponsor

LabWrench would like to welcome Pace Analytical as a new advertiser. Pace Analytical has been offering lab solutions for testing, staffing and equipment for over 30 years and has developed a reliable and service orientated reputation over the years....

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Image: The Evolution of Microplate Readers

Microplate readers are used for a variety of applications including: research, pharmaceutics and biotechnology industries and drug discovery. The microplate reader industry is evolving towards greater functionality, flexibility, throughput, and

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Image: Are You Getting the Most Out of the LabWrench ‘Compare’ Feature?

Searching for a piece of lab equipment can be a daunting task, especially with the large amount of products on the market today. LabWrench makes the process easier for you with our ‘Compare’ feature. With almost 12,000 pieces of

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Image: LabWrench Q&A Forums Make Troubleshooting Lab Equipment Issues So Much Easier!

If you are like most people working in a laboratory, you will know all of the issues that can arise with equipment faults. Most of the time you will get an unknown error message or the system displays a physical fault when you are part way through

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Image: Pipettes - The Fundamental Piece of Lab Equipment

When asked what instrument has the most daily use in the lab, the majority will have the same answer: Pipettes. It is therefore crucial to ensure pipetting accuracy by choosing pipettes from companies that have a proven record of reliability.

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Image: Lab Freezers Play an Important Role in Preserving Samples

Lab freezers are integral in preserving samples within the correct environment as many samples are vulnerable to variations in temperature. For example, proteins must be contained within certain temperature limits to prevent denaturing.  Other

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