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Image: Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy in the Modern Lab

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, or AAS, is an analytical technique used for determining the concentration of a metallic element within a particular sample.  In general, this technique works by measuring the amount of ultraviolent light that is

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Image: Things to Consider When Purchasing a Water Bath

Whether you are thawing, heating, or stabilizing samples, it is important that you choose a lab bath that meets your needs.  In general, water baths are used for temperature related applications such as heating samples that can't be heated

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Image: The Importance of Microscopy in the Laboratory

Early on in the classrooms, microscopes are often the first laboratory instrument that students are introduced to (and with good reason). The constant development and improvement of microscopy instruments revolutionized biology entirely and

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Image: Update! – New Products Added on LabWrench

Product entry has been relatively steady so far this week on LabWrench with a focus on expanding the new consumable and apps categories.  Click the links below to get more information on the new added products! Apps:     

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Image: App Library Now Available on LabWrench!

Looking for resources on lab equipment that is readily available at your fingertips?  Looking for a tool that can help you make calculations in the field?  You can find the app for that through LabWrench’s new ‘Apps’

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Image: NEW to LabWrench – Consumables!

Here on the ‘Wrench’, our primary focus is providing lab professionals with all the resources necessary in order to maximize efficiency and results in the lab.  LabWrench is already established as the go-to website for anyone

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Image: What To Look for When Purchasing a UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

UV-VIS spectroscopy is an analytical technique that is widely used in all types of laboratories.  By measuring the absorbance of molecules within the ultraviolet and visible light spectrum (UV-VIS), the UV-VIS spectrophotometer has been proven

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Image: New Product Entry Update!

Product entry has been relatively steady so far this week on LabWrench with a small focus on FT-IR Spectrophotometers among other products coming from a variety of companies and categories.  Feel free to view the newly added products by

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Image: LabWrench & Social Media - The Importance of Staying Connected

With the emergence of websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it is easy to see how social networking can be used as an efficient platform in sharing information and connecting with colleagues with similar interests and goals. 

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