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Image: New Consumables Categories - Petri Dishes, Pipette Tips, & Antibodies

Happy Friday everyone! In today's blog, we will be a continuing to introduce our new consumables categories added to LabWrench.  Earlier this week, in Wednesday's blog, we introduced the new 'Centrifuge Tubes' and '

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Image: New Consumables Categories - Centrifuge Tubes & Microplates!

Everyone already knows that LabWrench is the go-to website for professionals working with laboratory equipment.  With this in mind, we have decided to take things a step further and introduce some consumables categories in an effort to better

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Image: Latest LabWrench Update - Many New Products Added!

Happy Friday everyone! Product entry has been relatively busy again this week on LabWrench with a little over 30 new instruments added in the system spanning many different categories (with a small focus on Lab Glassware Washers and consumables)

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Image: Laboratory Water Purification Systems Essentials

Considering that water is likely the most utilized reagent in a laboratory setting, it isn't suprising that high-quality water should be a priority in every lab.  As with many other laboratory instruments, water purification systems have

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Image: Looking to Buy a Centrifuge? - Read This

Centrifuges are one of the most common and important instruments that you will find in a modern day research and clinical laboratory.  As such, it is imperative that lab professionals find a centrifuge model with the features that will help

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Image: Welcome to RDM Industrial

We at LabWrench would like to take this opportunity to welcome RDM Industrial Products Inc. as one of our newest advertisers.  Established in 1977, RDM Industrial Products manufactures and distributes industrial and laboratory furniture to a

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Image: New LabWrench sponsor - Mystaire Misonix!

LabWrench would like to welcome Mystaire Misonix as one of its newest advertisers.  Established in 1959, Mystaire Misonix is one the leaders in designing and manufacturing environmental safety and air pollution control products as well as

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Image: MYCO Instrumentation - LabWrench's Newest Advertiser!

This week we would like to introduce MYCO Instrumentation Inc. as one of LabWrench's newest advertisers.  With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, MYCO Instrumentation is one of the most trusted leaders in

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Image: Waters Corporation - The Science of What's Possible

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Waters Corporation as one of Labwrench’s new advertisers.  Waters Corporation is a publicly traded company which designs, manufactures, sells, and services analytical technologies which

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