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Image: Complimentary Gas Chromatography & Liquid Chromatography Troubleshooting at your Fingertips!

Here on LabWrench, our primary goal is to get you all the resources you need to spend less time looking for answers to your equipment problems and more time actually performing experiments.  Are you one of the many scientists using a GC system

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Image: Newest Trends in Pipetting and Top 10 Innovations Contest

If you're working in any of the Life Sciences, you will probably agree that pipettes are the instruments that are the most frequently used in the lab.  A recent survey by Lab Manager Magazine revealed that 26% of their readers spend over

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Image: LabWrench Novelties and Data Entry Update

LabWrench Novelties We've had a little over 1000 new 'likes' on our Facebook Fan Page so far this month so I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome our new followers.  If you are one of those followers and haven't

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Image: Are you an Expert in Your Field? Read-on to Learn How you can Prove It

Are you an expert? Are you an expert in your field or with a particular type of product?  If you are then keep reading, as this applies to YOU.  With so many users from across the world looking for assistance with lab equipment problems,

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Image: Are You Ready for a Chemical Spill? Introducing our new Lab Cleaning Supplies Category!

You don't need to be an expert to know that accidents are one of those inevitable occurences in a laboratory setting (I know that I've had my share of mishaps in the lab).  Whether your new lab tech accidentally spilled some HCL on the

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Image: In the Spotlight - Microplate Technology

Whether you're preparing genomic samples for next gen sequencing, quantifying DNA samples, or performing a microarray analysis, it is important for life science researchers to be able to detect the biological and chemical changes that occur in

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Lab Balance Essentials

August 9, 2012

Image: Lab Balance Essentials

Shimadzu Lab Balances & Scales Any scientist or would-be scientists know that when it comes to lab balances, it’s all about precision and accuracy.  Looking to buy a new one? Here are the types of questions that you should be asking

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Image: Newest Innovations in Mass Spectrometry

With so many different applications covering many different fields, MS is one of the most useful instruments in the lab.  By ionizing chemical compounds and breaking them down, MS can provide scientists with the weight and structural

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