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The History of Glass

December 10, 2012

Image: The History of Glass

Take a moment to consider how often glass moves in and out of our lives each day, from the alarm clock in the morning to warm milk before bed. And we’re not alone. People around the globe rely on glass, and have for generations, but has anyone

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Cleaning Lab Glassware

September 27, 2012

Image: Cleaning Lab Glassware

This article provides an overview of cleaning techniques for general laboratory use. So, if you’re working with anything that glows, Marie Curie, it’s probably best to seek backup.

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Image: Keeping a Clean Lab - Do I Have to do the Dishes?

Maintaining a clean lab environment, including all glassware is imperative to achieve optimal results or preserve certain chemical solutions. With lab glassware coming in all shapes and sizes, including beakers, burettes, graduated cylinders, and

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