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We would like to add a nice mircoscope to our lab for blood smear analysis. If anyone has any feedback on how the Nikon Eclipse E400 has worked in a histology or hematology or even microbiology lab please let me know. Or if you are looking to sell a Nikon Eclipse E400.

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Replied to Spencer's post on May 22nd, 2015

Hello Spencer,

Are still in need of a refurbiahed Nikon E400 moicroscope? We have several available so please call or email me with your contact information. I would glad to send to a quote.

Rob Rankin

248 625-4104

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Spencer, sure, the Nikon E400 or Olympus BX40 - two of the workhorse scopes in clinical lab microscopy would make excellent scopes for all your applications. If planning to do allot of hematology I would recommend a 50x/oil for irregular manual diffs. You will defintely want the 100x/oil for both heme as well as micro.If the budget is tight, you may even want to consider an Olympus BH2 which are absolute workhorse scopes and cost considerable less than the Nikon or the Olympus models previously mentioned. They are an older model but we have some 'dealer demo' models that were never sold and have decades of use in them. We even install LED illuminators in them for a 50,000 hour lifetime expecatncy on the bulb so you wont ever have ot replace a bulb. As I mentioned, the costs are very low compared to the E400 and BX40. Thanks, Tom 618 558 9008 cell

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Replied to Spencer's post on December 2nd, 2016

I hope you got a Nikon E400 or a Olympus BX41. The Nikon has iInfinity corrected cfi 60 series objectives. If you are working in micro or hematology buy 100x or 50x objective with an NC or a "-" where the 0.17 is in the nomenclature. The clarity is better when cover slips are absent. I can take the BX41 apart in 20 seconds for a PM- no binoc, condenser, nosepiece/objectives or focus block- all with one tool.

I like the Nikon - it looks like a Miami building.

All in all - it only matters what you like - it is very personal. I hope I am not to late to help out.