Looking for replacement cup head for VX100 Labnet Vortex Mixer

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Barbara N.
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I want to purchase replacement he cup heads for VX100 Labnet Vortex Mixer. Could you please provide me all the ordering information: cat. No., price.

Thank you

Barbara Niedzwiadek

Health Canada

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Hi There,

Most products that are listed on LabWrench have a YELLOW "Request a Quote" button above the product photo.







I have provided you with a link below that will take you to the online request a quote form for the Grabner Instruments MINISCAN IRXpert.

Please fill in the required information and we will have your request sent out as soon as possible. You can request quotes on parts and service also.

To get back to the product page, click on the View Product Details link at the top of this page.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

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hello i am selling alot of lab equipment that I have. please contact me @ if you have any questions ... thank you