MJ Research PTC-100 Heat Pump Error

avatar: rbwalter
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Replied to rbwalter's post on February 12th, 2015

I am hoping to get some information on how to repair a MJ Research PTC-100 thermocycler with error that reads "Heat Pump Not Functioning 0". Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

avatar: Bodasafa
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Replied to rbwalter's post on April 17th, 2015

Hi, most likely is that one or both of the peltier thermomodules has failed. If you remove the cover, on the left hand side of the unit youll see a large ish plug with a red and black wire in it, pull the plug and measure the resistnace it should be about 0-3 ohms and should be tested with a LCR meter.

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I need to replace the peltier modules of the PTC-100. Could you please tell me the make and model of peltier to use? I cannot determine what to replace them with.

Much appreciated.