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We were getting a message of "ballast not filling", we removed the ballast, cleaned it and changed the O-rings/gaskets - put it back together and the system indicates an issue with the "combustion" system that appears to be causing the failed O2 Leak Check.  The He leak check passes.  We have removed the combustion tube, it isok and the filter has been changed.  What else can be the issue?  We can't have tech support to come out and help us until maybe the new year!  We need this working NOW so that we can release our lab reports.

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Please contact LECO Service at 269-982-5497 or and we'd be happy to assist you at no charge to get you up and running again.



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This kind of forum is not the best place to resolve this quickly.

Call your local LECO service department, it is quite possible they can help you on the phone to resolve this today. Or call your local sales rep, maybe he can come and help you.

If the instrument was working, then you did something, like replace crucible or repack reagent etc, then that is where the leak is, where you last worked on it. Retrace your steps.

Ballast not filling message is shown when ballast does not fill in specified time. This is often due to leak in furnace, or on the way from furnace to ballast. Gas is leaking out, hence ballast is not filling.

So you checked the combustion tube, clean and lightly lube every o-ring. When you put the combustion tube in, make sure it is sitting high enough. Check the loading head, check the red o-ring on the secondary side. Go through the furnace area systematically. When you put the loading head back on, make sure the top shelf, that stainless steel sheet, is not in the way, where the head sits on the furnace block.

Try another leak check. If still failing check the rest of the system, follow the tubes, and check all, that soft white rubber tubing, going to the cooler, pinch valves etc.

Hope you get it right.