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Our system has this error:

"degasser h/w fault (3)".

What do I do to fix this?

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Waters "Degasser hardware fault 3 or degasser h/w fault 3"

This error is generated when the Waters HPLC degasser module (tray) has a failure. Typically the vacuum pump has failed and the internal vacuum tubing is often cracked and worn. The vacuum chambers are often found to be contaminated too. The degasser module should be serviced at least every five years as that is about how long they last before some type of failure occurs (normal lifetime). When the error appears, your HPLC system is now out of compliance because the degasser no longer meets specification. Have it professionally serviced to get your system back on line.

I recommend that you send the whole degasser tray assembly to our company, Chiralizer Services, LLC for diagnostic testing (after disconnecting a few lines and turning a few screws, just slides right out of the module). We professionally service and repair these modules for less than 1/2 the price that Waters charges and use factory parts. Many systems can be repaired for less than $1,000 and are just like new. Our typical turn around time is 2 business days as we have everything in stock and repair these modules all of the time.

For more information please refer to our website page for more info:

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