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I was running a sequence this morning on waters instrument using Empower 3 software. However, I noticed something unusual for me. 

After first run of blank is over, it does not move to the next injection but continues to run even after the end of run time. 

Could you plase help me figure out this ? 

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Hi, unfortunately we cannot provide product support on LabWrench. We encourage you to contact Waters support through our iRequest system, or contact your local service representative.

Waters iRequest Technical Service / Support

You may also be able to find an answer in our informatics community. (You'll need to sign in to to access this.)

Thanks, Karen at Waters



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Hi Chirag,

if the autosampler injects the next sample but your data software is not recording the signal, then you probably have a problem with your method, or with the communication. The data software should receive a start signal in order to record. If your autosampler does not inject the next sample, I believe the problem is with the method. The recording of the blank should stop before the auto sampler moves to the next vial.

Good luck,


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Check your method ....