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Following the instructions for this in the manual, I set the temp to 35deg, then allow to equilibrate for 3 hours, base range set at 200, filter time response to fast, and pump 1mM KCl at 1.2 mL/min, it says I should be getting an output reading of 147 +/- 5.  I am getting a consistent reading of 121.  Any advice or help with this matter is appreciated.


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Depending an history and age of the detector the cell constant may have changed.

I am not familiar with that detector, but I assume that you may adjust the cell constant for a correct reading.

Anyway the absolut reading is not really important for the analysis, as trough external calibration these differences are taken into account.

If the manual gives a cleaning/passivating procedure that also may help to return to cell constant closer to the initial value.

Hope that helps

Markus Läubli, Metrohm International Headquarters