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PerkinElmer AA 400. I am getting this interlock error "No Air Pressure" but the air supply is active. Where can I look for the pressure sensor. It seems that this could be the problem. Is it on the flow block where the gasses are connected?

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It may not be the air pressure that is the issue. Do you have another interlock triggered as well? Any interlock (except for Nitrous Oxide since it's not required) will also trigger the air interlock because, as a safety feature, the system's air is purged through the burner chamber to ensure there are no flammable gases in the chamber. Once you satisfy the other interlock, such as Drain or Nebulizer, the air interlock will be reset as well. If you have further problems please email us at
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How do I fix the "drain is not connected" error, when the drain is physically attached?

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There can be three problems:

1. Check if drain interlock cable connector is connected

2. Your drain vessel could be filled with solvent. Empty the drain vessel but you should leave a little bit of water in vessel

3. Disconnect the drain tubing and shake your drain vessel

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Did everything, plus added some water through the drain, and it worked! Appreciate your help.

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Try the following.

1. Check that the air pressure is sufficeint. 

2. Make sure the nebulizer gas hose is connected and not loose.

3. Bleed gas lines ..

If the interlock error remains, check the drain system.

1. If the drain bottle is full, empty it.

2. The loop may need water.  Disconnect the drain hose from the end cap.  Pour 500 ml DI water down the drain hose. Replace the hose. 

If you still have problems e-mail