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A small amount of fluid consistently leaks from the dispensing tip of one of our burettes (0.1 N HCl, 20 ml). We checked connections and the tubes for damage and contamination.

Any other ideas?

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Replied to jzanter's post on February 23rd, 2012

This problem points directly to a leaking ‘Stopcock Valve”. With the acid/base titration systems, this will occur over time as the ceramic diaphragms wear down like disc brakes on a car. The crystallization from the chemicals wears them down just like sand paper would. This is where Mettler Toledo Lab Service should be providing a routine PM service on the titrator to help minimize this effect. Unfortunately, once it is leaking like this, it is already too late and the Stopcock valve will need to be replaced.

Geoff Bradford,
Service Sales Leader

Thank you to Geoff Bradford from Mettler Toledo for providing this response to LabWrench

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