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How does one decode the meaning of an "ERR 28" message?

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Error 28 is a safety door lockout and the instrument needs to be turned on for at least 45 minutes. After 45 minutes the error can be reset by turning the instrument off and on again. If Error 28 still occurs a field service engineer needs to be contacted to investigate the problem.

Thank You to Beckman Coulter for providing this answer to LabWrench
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How do you open the centrifuge manually in case the suggestion fails?

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In order to manually open the centrifuge you have to unscrew two screws on the front of the centrifuge near the top. They may be covered with little round covers which just pop off. Once the screws are loosened you slide the front panel up and over the screws to take it off. Be careful though because there are still sensors connected to the front panel which you don't want to stretch too far and pull off or damage. Finally you have to manually  trigger the door lever by  sliding the locking mechanism out of the way. We had to do this today in the lab when one of our centrifuges had this err28 message displayed on it.