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Replied to FGB's post on September 29th, 2016

One of my Labfors 3 unit stop controlling pH. It still read the pH fine and mention in a alarm that the pH is too high but it doesn't activate the acid pump. The pump itself is fine as I can manually activate and it work fine. I am sure of my configuration as the same configuration was working fine in the past and work still fine on my other units. So it seems that even if the pump is on automatic setting it does not automatically control the pH anymore.  What could have gone wrong?




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Replied to FGB's post on September 30th, 2016

We have had this problem too with our Infors fermenters as well. To solve this problem:

1. In the systems menu, under sercuity, log out of the vessel

2. Log in as new user

Username: Infors

Password: Infors

3. go to properties menu of the pH probe (in the bioreactor controller menu)

4. Go to the options tab. There is a check box under misc. Check the box labelled "controlled". That should fix the issue.

The actual steps may be slightly different for your vessel, but hopefully should still be able to find it.