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We are currently in the process of pruchasing an ICP and have narrowed our search down to either a Thermo Scientific or Perkin Elmer instrument.  This will be the first ICP for our lab and I would appreciate any input.

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We may assist you in your search.

Thermo 6000 series are good have many years of experience with Thermo ICP



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We also are in the process of purchasing and ICP instrument for our laboratory. We have ruled out one of the two vendors on your list (I won't say which) because of generally poor response and expensive service calls. Just something you may want to consider before you purchase your instrument.

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In my opinion, the best company to purchase from would be Agilent Technologies.  Perkin Elmer keeps service proprietary so that when you are given an error message, they must charge you a service call in order to fix the error.  For instance, when the optics need alignment (a simple calibration), you must pay upwards of 5,000 dollars or more to have them perform a calibration of the prism position.  They actually have password protected software installed with their software which allows calibrations to be made (but won't let the customer calibrate it).  Agilent has MUCH better phone service.

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I didn't have any problems with a PE DV2000 other than my own learning curve since ICP was new to me. I took a class from PE which helped, and their technical advisor in CT was also helpful with hints and tips that were not necessarily in the manuals. The ICP never needed anything other than routine maintenance by PE. A PE employee recommended another company when it came to purchasing additional parts due to lower prices and I really appreciated the advice. The ICP has been idle for 4 years and I plan to get it running again once moved to my new dept.