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We have two Allegra 64Rs in storage and the only thing holding them back from use is calibration. How are the RPM/Gs measured? We have lots of X12Rs and 6Rs that our calibraters use the viewfinder on top, along witha tachometer to compare the RPMs. I assume the rest (time, temp, electrical safety) is completed same as the other models. 

Any information helps. 

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The Allegra 64 requires that you use a frequency counter in order to perform a speed check.  I performed operational qualifications on all Beckman Coulter centrifuges for almost 20 years before I retired and I can tell you that I NEVER had one that was all digital elctronics fail its speed check.  Having said that, the frequency counter has to be placed on a pin behind one of the connectors on the main board assembly.  I will have to dig out the information on which pin you actually attach the frequency counter to and there are also spec's as to the frequency counter so that it does not load down the circuit.  Time is checked over a 20 minute period and the temperature is verified by doing a dunk test at 4 and 20 degrees C.  Those are Beckman's specifications for OQ although yours may be different based upon your own requirements.  I will get back to you on the pin and connector that is used for the check.


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Can you please give details on where I connect the frequency counter. If you have the page on where to connect it to in the service manual that would be nice. Thanks From David