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We are curently having a problem with LCD (CPU)  fermentor BioFlo 110.  The LCD is not clear, so then we can not  operate the fermentor.  W also have changed the AA batteries, but then the LCD still turn on unclear.  What should we do to solve this problem? Please any advices for this.  Thanks in advance for your kind advices and informations.




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Replied to Aswaradi Nasution's post on March 7th, 2017
It could be that the display back light is not working. If the screen is dark. Check voltage to the back light/ change the back light. The old style screen amber, the newer display blue. Whilst Eppendorf no longer supply parts for this system it is still possible to source replacement parts elsewhere
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I have similar  problem. there is just orange backligth, but no view. what posible causes, and how to solve?