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We have a broken LCD display on the PCU M1273-3101 and wondering if anyone knows if the display can be replaced?  The manufacturer no longer carries it.  I was told that the display can be removed and the part number for the display can be searched and then replaced.  Does anyone know anything about this?


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Paulo PHD
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Dear Sirs,   If your display was color type orange and white, like my costumer dispaly is, it is a Planar EL320 240 36 - an internet seach could point some vendors.   To confirm it, you should  take off the equpment cover and the back metal box who covers the display´s electronic backboard.   Your display is physically broken, ok? Otherwise the problem could be another one, like my customer did. He first suspected from a bad display. When I came there to check it, I realized that the PC type microcomputer board embbeded on BioFlo110 (ELAN 104NC) lost its configuration, due to the total failure from the two AA external batteries and - important - the 3V buttom cell soldered on the PC board - the external batteries aid to save life time for the internal one. But with a lot of time it gets exhausted too.   So I manufactured a VGA mating connector for plugging an external VGA Standard Display on P11 connector and attached a standard PC PS/2 keyboard on P4 connector. Entered setup and reprogrammed for a dispaly type "C" - Planar. And also enabled Splash Screen (the Bioflo110 initial screen) and set up date and time. And, of course, replaced the 3V buttom cell CR1/3N for an equivalent one - a standard computer CR2032 Lithium battery, with a mating socket.   The specs for the ELAN 104NC can be found on internet too, either the VGA standard cable pinout.   In time - the firmware upgrade for this equipment, with easy instructions on how to do it, is also avaible on internet too. A corrupted firmware canh cause display problems too.

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It worked! I also initially suspected that the lcd was broken, but then I decided to check it by following the method you mentioned, I made VGA cable and and by setting the display to PLANAR I got the display back. So thanks alot and yes I changed the batteries first.

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Hi Paulo, I found some similar problem with my BioFlo 110, the LCD seems to have power (or energy) but nothing appears on it. It would be really helpful if you give me some extra clues on how did you fix it. Pics? 

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Dear Sir, please email me about this subject, so I can give detailed information.


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HI, Ahsan,

I am Dan, I have same problems with you.

I did follow the direcion from Mr. Paulo PHD and I made VGA cable, but nothing good happen.

Could you show me how did you resolve it in detail.

I am very thankful you.

Hope to be have your reply.

Phan Van Dan