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Does anyone have experience replacing a pressure transducer for the P900 series? How do you remove the top cover of P900?


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Hi DrRed, 

Looking at the back of the P-900, there are 3 screws on the top and 2 long screws on the bottom that need to be removed to open the pump unit. That said, the pressure transducer rarely go bad. What problem are you seeing? I ask only because the pressure transducer may not be the problem... 


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Thanks for the response. First off, a method showed a sporadic fluctuation of the pressure reading +/- 0.6MPa. It did not correlate with any steps in the method, nor was the UV trace fluctuating at all. We stopped the method and restarted the system. Upon restart the LED display read 37MPa but 10MPa on System Control. Pump synchronization was interrupted with error "Pump Calib Failed 1" due to the system pressure alarm. Disconnecting the tubing did not relieve pressure, even when all tubing was disconnected from pressure transducer. Attempts to recalibrate resulted in "Pump Calib Failed 1".

Replacing the pressure transducer fixed the problem. 

Tips: Remove system out of 4C fridge and allow to come to RT overnight. Watch out for a tiny spring and disk within the front assembly of the transducer. Make sure it is working before moving back to fridge.