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Replied to amro's post on September 13th, 2017

The knob on our centrifuge to adjust the speed of the spins does not work correctly. If I turn the knob clockwise, it will either increase or decrease the speed. If i turn the knob counterclockwise, the same thing will happen. The knob has a mind of its own in other words. 

Is this common to these centrifuges when they get old? Or is this a simple repair?


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Replied to amro's post on September 20th, 2017


Sounds like the encoder has started failing.  We have changed them here and it's quite straightforward.

They're mounted on the PCB if memory serves me correctly. 

A new encoder is cheap and can be purchased from RS.  You will need to know the number of positions on your current encoder and wether it has a push on/off. 

I hope that helps a little.

Good luck, Jon