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We work on this chromatogragh (Akta prime plus) not far months ago. In a first month this error appears on??. We follow manual instruction restart the system and everething ok. After 2 month this error appeared again. What should we do? Call the service or there is another way to act? 

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Hi there, 

Error Code 65 is a generic term for the pump motor not starting.  90% of the time, the problem is the motor control board (which is mounted on the back of the front panel) and about 10% of the time, it is a bad pump component. It is impossible to tell without opening the pump. 

I hope this helps. 

Bio Sci Solutions

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For AKTAprime 65 error - Simply boil hot water, load a syringe with a fine guage needle full of hot water.  On the right side of the machine, look for "Buffer Valve".  Disconnect Line 1 (this is the line from buffer A to the machine).  Poke around with the needle and dislodge any debris from the inlet port. Push hot water through (this may splash). Reconnect Line 1 and do a pump wash.  Repeat if necessary.  Wash the entire system with 0.5 L of boiling hot water. 

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