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The air and acetylene pressures are okay according to the compressor and the acetylene tank readings, the igniter functions properly, the burner is aligned, there is no leakage from the lines, and everything has been suitably cleaned.

The flame will not ignite. On the rare occasions in which it does, it goes out rapidly and we get an error message saying "no fuel pressure" or "no air pressure".

What can we do to get this flame to light and stay lit?

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You will want to check that the nebulizer is pushing in the interlock in when you twist and seat it into place.  Wedge some paper behind it to hold it in if you need.

If an interlock is tripped the system will blow out the flame as the air resevoir empties for safety reasons.  The air resevoir will not fill again until the other interlocks are cleared and will show that there is no air pressure.  

Also check the drain interlock, you may need to fill the tube.

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You have a worn out ventury/needle at nebulizer that permit to much air in  that blows out the flame;

Try to put higher C2H2 and lower auxiliar air, if this maintain theflame on you confirm bad nebulizer and replace.

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