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Are you suppose to replace the printer when the printing becomes too light to read? Do they sell cartridges? I can find anything on the inter webs.

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The first thing I'd try is a new role of printer paper, assuming that you haven't tried that already.  Some brands are better than others and generally the thicker/heavier the paper is the better quality printing you'll see. As thermal printer paper ages it works less and less well - i.e. it has a shelf life.  If you bought a huge box of paper four years ago and are still pulling rolls out of it, that might be the issue.

It's a thermal printer, so the other possibilities are 

  1. The printhead isn't getting hot enough
  2. The printhead is worn enough that it isn't contacting the paper properly.

There's really no alternative to replacing the printer in either of those cases.  ThermoFisher sells a replacement printer assembly that you can install yourself.  Take care when you plug in the cable on the replacement unit.  It's a little bit fiddly and you can bend the pins in the connector if you are not careful enough.