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My name is Jonathan Cooper and I am a Helpdesk Technician at Rhode Island College. In one of our Bio Labs we have a Varian Saturn 2200 GCMS which is then connected to a GX 620 running windows xp. What exactly are the requirements for this system to run because the GX 620 has died and we do not have an older machine to replace it with.


Thanks for the help.

Jonathan Cooper



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The Varian MS WorkStation software that came with this system does need to run on a legacy XP data system with support for the GPIB and the coax network card.  There are a few manufacturers out there that make new data systems that can support these requirements.  Do NOT discard the old computer until you ge the new one up and running as you may the network card and GPIB card from it for the new system.  Call or email me with additional questions.


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Dan, I'm trying to get a Varian Star data station built up from a Windows XP computer.  I've got a NI GPIB interface card attached to the Saturn 2200 MS but the Star software is not seeing the instrument. 

I have not attached the 3800 GC yet.  Still waiting for an old 10BaseT network card to make that connection. 

I'd sure appreciate any guidance!

Thanks, John