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The outer door of our 150 no longer has a tight seal. I've replaced the magnetic door gasket but the door still does not seal tightly like our other units. Any ideas?

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First, make sure your incubator is not sitting crooked, like for example, if for some reason someone set it up on a couple of pieces of wood from the shipping pallet and now one of the feet is sunk into the wood.

If you're sure it's okay that way, and it's reasonably level, you might just have to do what we call a 'forming' adjustment - I'm suspecting that it's the bottom right corner of the door that is not contacting the chamber face, so open the door, and holding the top right and bottom right corners at the same time, pull the top corne away from the chamber and push the bottom corner toward the chamber, effectively twisting the door. Check the fit and repeat/reverse as necessary.

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On some occasions the failure may come from the continued use of the contra-con. The plastic profiles that support the magnetic joint deform.

Another cause can be produced because the screws that hold the inner panel of the door loosen