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Dear Shimadzu,

We have the Shimadzu UV mini-1240 machine. It works excellent. However to use it to the maximum, We need it's software like

data manager software cat No. 206-89765-92 

and some othe optional softare for the analysis. 

My question: Where can we get these software for UV min-1240?


Replied to Hameedjkt's post on June 30th, 2019
I bought a cable to connect the RS-232 serial port to a USB on the PC, connected it between the PC and spec and installed the driver for the cable. Next I configured the port in the open-source TeraTerm terminal software according to the specifications in the spec manual. I told the TeraTerm software to log the file with an Excel format extension (.xls). Pressed ExtTrans on the spec and the data transferred over the cable and was captured in the excel spreadsheet.
Replied to Hameedjkt's post on June 30th, 2019
I also found Python software to control this spec from a PC via the RS-232 cable: