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Replied to Conley PA's post on March 28th, 2018

For Hirox KH-7700:

Device will not save locally or to typical save location (network server). Error presented mid-shift after images had been saved to typical network server.

Error for local save, paraphrased: unable to save image.

Error for network save, paraphrasing: insufficient disc space.

Server DOES have space ~28Gb.

Able to save to another network server. Using this as temporary work-around. Device presented same behavior previously, was able to be resolved with a system settings time change. This is not working now.

Any ideas, specifically, what is going on here? and how to resolve?

I figure it is some sort of miscommunication between the device and the server, but that doesn't explain why I can't save locally to KH-7700 or why I can save to another network server.

Thank you

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Replied to Conley PA's post on March 28th, 2018

Dear Sir,

It sounds like the library on your KH-7700 might be full.  Are you able to transfer everything off your KH-7700 and try to save locally again?

Also, it would help to have a few more details about your system.  Could you e-mail me at

This way we can better troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you,