blood serum sample preparation for flame method by Shimadzu AA 6800

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Tuhin Mahbub
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I would be grateful if any one can suggest me  how can I prepare  blood serum sample to measure Zn, Cu, and other metals  trace for  flame method using Shimadzu AA 6800.  I am in badly need to do that in my work.




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Replied to Tuhin Mahbub's post on September 13th, 2018

Greethings from Mèxico City Tuhin.

If you have only flame in your AA, I recommend the extraction method using MIBK and quelant agent (regular is APDC).

The concentration into serum is very low, I prefer Furnace Atomic Absortion.

My e-mail is    aysa96@hotmail    it is useful.


      Idelfonso Hernàndez Cipres