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Equipment displays  lamp instentity low for all lamps.... lamp life  not expired.


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Are you installing the original type lamp or replacement? Double check that if not you may have low energy through optics because of dust and dirt or possibly a low voltage supply issue from power supply
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Hmm i had sometimes problems with low light... but sometimes i think it is connected  with an electrics or with fuses. I know good company for this. They are doing everything repair, tests, import good parts. I strongly recommend them

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sir I wanna know more about miroclash Apk
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Quote crownsliteapk

If you may approach concerning what is to a mind blowing degree wonderful in Crowns lite app  then you will get incomprehensibly on edge to understand that this application has three zones to be explicit Movies, TV Shows and Series

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what's app has a new update of video status you can add 30 sec. video on what's app. the status will remove after 24 hour.


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