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I am Pierpaolo Alongi, MD and Person in Charge for NM of Fondazione Institute G.Ggilio of Cefalù, Italy.

I am wrting with urgent request because unexpectedly the license of our BioChrom Lite has expired. We are using this softwere to analyse results of Bioscan (Model: B-MS-1000 ; Serial No: APIMIS1-00124). Due to this problem, the sistem needs a new Activation Code but your service in Italy did not give to use any response because the machineb (Bioscan) is too old.

It is a big problem for us because we cannot do our CQ before radiopharmacheuticals patients administration. For that reason the our clinical activity is currently closed.

Could you give a temporary Code for few week in orther to have time to buy new sistem or new software?

I hope you can meet our request as soon as possibile

Best regards


Pierpaolo Alongi

Head of NM

Fondzione Giglio, Cefalù, Italy