How to resolve channel playback issues on Roku?

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Each Roku streaming channel provides a collection of audio and video made available by the developer of that channel, such as Netflix or YouTube. Your Roku streaming player is designed to play video at the highest possible quality given the type of content, the speed of your internet connection and capabilities of your TV.   In some cases, video playback problems may be the result of network issues, or they could be caused by an issue related to a single channel. The steps outlined in this article are written to help if you have experienced any of the following issues with your Roku device:   1. Unable to play a specific video 2. Unable to play any video from a single channel 3. Unable to play videos in any channel 4. Frequent rebuffering (starting and stopping) 5. Poor video quality or video is very slow to start   www Roku Com Link | Roku Com Link | Roku Link